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Rental industry celebrates first ever European Rental Week, looks ahead to 2024

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Stéphane Hénon - ERA 'Building the Future' webinar

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Channel name: European Rental Association

The rental industry celebrated the first ever European Rental Week last week, which came to a close on 15 October.

Many rental companies, associations and suppliers to the industry from across the Europe have supported us in celebrating the rental industry, especially in spotlighting the great people we have in the industry and promoting careers in rental.

We would like to thank everyone who has taken part in this first edition of European Rental Week and especially to our members who helped with the creation and extensive preparation for this event.

If you missed our ‘Building the Future’ webinar, the recordings are available here.

Thank you also to everyone who recorded their stories for our ‘Rental Careers’ videos.

They are available here.

Our attention now turns to next year, so save the date and start your preparations for the next European Rental Week on 14-20 October 2024.

Source: The European Rental Association (ERA)