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Road paver with new operating concept

Road construction is precision work. To achieve this, the paver operator must always have everything perfectly under control. At Bauma 2019, Bomag will therefore be presenting an innovative operating concept for its second-generation chain drive pavers. At stand FS 1009, visitors have the chance to sit in the comfortable multi-function seat and test the ergonomic controls integrated into the arm consoles live.


Users know better than anyone what really counts when operating a paver in practice: comfort, ergonomics and easy handling have the highest priority. When developing the new operating concept for its second-generation chain drive pavers, Bomag's engineers listened carefully to the feedback from their customers. The result is an ergonomic workplace that ensures the machine operator stays relaxed even on long working days - from start to finish. Fatigue-free driving guarantees productive working.

Please take a seat

The new multi-function seat provides the paver with even greater operating, seating and driving comfort. All the important control functions are available via the two ergonomic arm consoles and a joystick. With the joystick, the operator can control the hopper wings, the hydraulic front flap and the direction of travel. Steering is integrated in the left arm console and can be operated easily and in a relaxed way. On the right armrest, the driver also has access to all material handling functions, i.e. scraper belt and auger. Bomag's Sideview system provides the driver with perfect all-round visibility of the machine edge, hopper, auger and screed. The operator's platform can be shifted to the right and left of the machine edge by up to 60 cm.

Since all the important functions are always within reach in the multi-function seat, the driver no longer needs to stand up to make adjustments on the main control station and can modify all the settings without interruption.

In addition, the multi-function seat can be rotated completely by up to 270 degrees. This enables the operator to keep even better track of what is happening on the site, which is an essential requirement for a smooth workflow.

Overall, the innovative operating concept ensures even more comfortable and relaxed working. The driver always has full control over everything and maintains a constant overview without having to bend forward or leave the seat. Whether it concerns driving functions for the speed, working and transport gear, or the engine speed control, the multi-function seat lives up to its name and is as versatile as the work on a paver requires.

A further highlight of the new operating concept is the contemporary redesign of the exterior control station. All the functions are now available via a rugged touchpad that is intuitive and easy to use.

Try it out already at Bauma 2019

The new operating concept will be available worldwide from June 2019. It will be offered by Bomag as an optional feature for the dash-2-generation chain drive pavers in the Highway classes, i.e. for the BF 700 paver and larger machines that comply with Tier 3 and Tier 4 emission standards.

Visitors to Bauma can already try out the multi-function seat and experience how Bomag makes working with sophisticated construction machinery even more attractive through intelligent solutions.

Source: BOMAG GmbH