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ROCKWOOL Adriatic in Croatia receives student award

Every year, the leading Croatian students association, eSTUDENT, awards those Croatian companies most influential in the university community.

ROCKWOOL Adriatic was recently awarded the ‘Golden Index’, an award in its fifth year of circulation that is given on behalf of the students of Croatia; rewarding those companies contributing most significantly to high education and professional development of students in the country.

ROCKWOOL Adriatic triumphed in the category for scholarships amidst strong competition from 56 other companies.

Andelka Toto Ormuz, Corporate Affairs Manager for ROCKWOOL Adriatic, commented: ‘Direct recognition from the student community for our endeavours is extremely satisfying, as it shows the real value we offer to young people. Through our scholarship programme we are striving to improve the level of studying in Croatia and will continue to do so in the future thanks to both our ROCKWOOL employees in Croatia and our committed students’.

ROCKWOOL Adriatic created the CSR program ‘7 Petals of the ROCKWOOL Flower’ in 2008,  with each petal  focusing on a different area: culture, ecology, sport, energy efficiency, health, life quality and education & science. The programme that has been awarded the Golden Index stems from the education petal named ‘Is blue the colour of your petal?’, which has so far offered 62 scholarship opportunities to the young people of Croatia.

The objective of the Golden Index award is to encourage businesses to further expend their efforts into schemes that stimulate better standards of studying.