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Rotex Combi 502 Loader Wagon with GEOLOAD

Vicon Reveals Latest Technology in New Loader Wagon by introducing GEOLOAD


Vicon unveils GEOLOAD, the latest milestone within the range of Vicon loader wagons. By combining moisture sensor and weigh cells the new Rotex Combi 502 loader wagon reveals new opportunities for extracting accurate data and knowledge of the harvested crop.

GEOLOAD provides you with the data needed to optimise your harvesting system and provides valid input for making the right decisions. Combining data from moisture sensor and weighing system makes it is possible to document work result and utilise data to optimise the following processes.

Measures Humidity in Your Feed Material

GEOLOAD enables accurate measurement of humidity within the collected crop. The package includes a sensor mounted right above the rotor intake. It continuously detects the moisture level as the crop passes the rotor and displays it directly onto the terminal inside the tractor. The moisture sensor is able to calculate the dry matter content of the complete load and provide accurate data of the feed material.

Integrated Weighing System – Document What You Get

GEOLOAD provides Rotex Combi with an integrated weighing system with a total of 6 load cells for accurate measurement of the crop contained. This provides an excellent overview and documentation of the work done, where individual tonnage per load, field and customer can be recorded.

Combining Data Adds Real Value

By combing data from moisture sensor and weigh system GEOLOAD can also calculate and document the dry matter figures of each load, providing real data about the feed value of the harvested crop. This means you know exactly the values you are delivering to the silage pit.

When using the Rotex Combi 502 for daily feeding of fresh grass, GEOLOAD provides new opportunities. With the optional cross conveyor belt, fresh grass can be delivered directly into the shed.

“With GEOLOAD we have changed the scope of our loader wagons from only harvesting crop to harvesting knowledge as well” says Sebastian Hagemann, Smart Farming Product Manager. “With GEOLOAD you can accurately document the value you harvest and use this for optimising your complete grass and feed management“ he continues.

Yield Mapping Supports You in Making the Right Decisions

By combining real time data of load and moisture content GEOLOAD provides a complete overview of the output of each ha of land and is able to develop a yield map of the harvested fields. This provides important data and knowledge about the potential of the field, and where fertiliser potentially should be spread more intensively to optimise complete potential of the fields.

Source: Kverneland Group