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RUBICON – Innovation and evolution

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RUBICON Agritechnica 2017

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The RUBICON establishes a new class in self-propelled sprayers, designed to meet the productivity demands of large scale farmers. The seamless integration of capacity and ease of operation delivers hectare eating performance to conquer everyday spraying tasks with ease and ahead of time.


The RUBICON 9000 will take productivity and ease of operation to a whole new level. Increased tank capacity will not only improve productivity, but will improve the timeliness of applications. When timing one of the most critical factors, why waste it filling when you can keep spraying? Capacity keeps you spraying for longer, by reducing travelling and filling down time. When timing is everything – don’t waste time filling.

1000 Hectares Per Day 

RUBICON has the power and torque to effortlessly carry up to 9000 litres and a 48 m boom around the paddock.  Utilising the most technologically advanced, fuel efficient Cummins® 8.9L QSL 9 Tier 3A engine to generate up to 370 hp (276 kW) gives the ultimate performance, reliability and productivity. The lean, clean engine is the best available to power the 4WD hydrostatic transmission from Danfoss.

Engine Power

RUBICON is powered by Cummins - the most advanced engine technology to deliver power and reliability when you need it.  Cummins engines run quieter, burn leaner and cleaner, and they are the industry leader in providing power to hydrostatic transmissions.  The Cummins® 8.9L QSL 9 Tier 3A engine delivers up to 370 Hp (276 kW) and features fully Integrated Electronic Controls, providing seamless integration of all components to optimize engine performance.

A Commanding View

A better view of the boom from the cab not only contributes to comfort, but to the quality of the productivity.  The operator has a commanding view over the boom from the driver’s seat which makes spraying easier and safer.  The RUBICON cab is a special workplace and every detail counts: including the synchronised movement of the arm rest console to provide improved ergonomics, to unsurpassed visibility of the boom, clean air and responsible sound and vibration levels. With superior comfort and the best view in the business, RUBICON makes spraying enjoyable and efficient.

Boom Centre

RUBICON redefines boom stability: Revolutionary boom suspension system allows independent stiffness control settings on the springs and rams fixed to either side of the centre frame.  The boom remains stable under the harshest operating conditions. The wide centre frame provides excellent on-road visibility. Spring tension holds the centre frame in the middle position while the hydraulic damper absorbs energy from the boom movement. A hydraulic actuator operated from the cab exerts more or less pressure on the spring to change the resistance.