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RX 70: Top player in the market with more quality development

Punctually with the 10-year anniversary of the popular diesel and LPG truck RX 70, STILL continues its success story of this model series. At the CeMAT 2016 in Hanover, a new RX 70 truck with a load capacity of two tons and a load centre of 600 millimetres made its first public appearance. Now the complete RX 70 family with load capacities from 2,0 to 3,5 tons is to follow. With a lot of detail work Still has been able to optimise the RX 70-20/-35 in many ways with respect to efficiency, endurance and performance so that these rugged trucks do not only deliver high turnover rates but also make the hearts of the operators beat faster, when looking at the operation costs. 

When the intralogistics specialist STILL introduced the RX 70 family ten years ago, the focus was quite deliberately placed on high turnover performance at very low fuel consumption rates. This based on a combination of power, precision, ergonomics, compactness and safety, which is unique to the market. The success of this premium truck on the market shows how well the Hamburg based company was able to pick up the beat of the customers. 

At first sight it is the new counter weight of the reviewed RX 70-20/-35 which is apparent, not only convincing with its new looks, but also with an extended wheel base making the drive even more comfortable and stable. Beyond this, the smart RX 70 Hybrid now plays all its strength when effortlessly climbing up grades. 


The power source of the new series is the unique connection of powerful industrial engines and the well-proven diesel-electric drive. With the precise and sensitive control of the hydraulic system and the drive system with its five adjustable drive programs, the driver works safely and delivers high productivity under any working condition. In each of the programs, the maximum driving speed as well as the acceleration and deceleration values can be adjusted individually. The customer can adapt the performance of the truck to the habits of the driver or the specific requirements of the working task at all times. To accelerate and brake, the driver only needs to control the drive pedal. If the driver takes the foot off the pedal, the truck brakes electrically and consequently absolutely wear free. The service brake is virtually never needed. Also on bumpy grounds or on ramps, the automatic brake system provides additional safety because it protects the truck from accidentally rolling off. 

The environment is important to STILL despite high turnover capacities: The trucks are substantially below the limit values of the legal exhaust gas regulations according to 97/68/EG tier 3b. Besides the known energy efficiency program Blue-Q and the proven diesel-electric drive, the intelligent truck also saves on fuel: After the truck has fully accelerated, it virtually shifts gear. This reduces the engine speed by a quarter without slowing the truck down. This future-oriented technology in combination with the optionally available cruise control makes driving relaxed and economic. Here the trucks give living proof of their strength and high availability especially in tough working conditions. Every crucial component is capsulated and therefore resistant against dust, dirt and water. In challenging applications, this is a precondition for swift and safe work, for example, in construction material retail and in metal engineering, at forwarders or logistics and service companies. 

The new truck of the family, the compact RX 70-20/600 is only 1,18 metres wide. That makes it perfectly suitable to operate in tight spaces or narrow aisle. A lower design also allows to use the truck beneath low ceilings, to pass through passage ways or work inside containers. The driver has a free view of the forks and the fork carriage through the slim and torsion-free mast profiles as well as the low dashboard. The low tilting cylinders, large windows in all walls of the cabin as well as the outside contour of the truck ensure excellent visibility in every direction. 

STILL places a special focus on the wish of the driver for ergonomics and comfort. The RX 70-20/-35 reflects this in a consistent concept for the workspace, which the specialist for industrial trucks has designed in accordance with the latest findings. The low access step and the grab handles support the driver to access and leave the truck safely and comfortably. A spacious foot compartment provides plenty of room with optimum space for feet and legs, also for large drivers. The generously dimensioned and comfortable workspace for the driver offers numerous storage compartments. The individually adjustable driver’s seat is fitted with an armrest with mini-levers – optionally it can be fitted with the Joystick 4Plus or Fingertip controls. With the help of the sensitive hydraulic controls, comfortable and safe load handling is guaranteed. The ergonomic arrangement and design of all controls as well as the sound- and vibration-insulated cabin ensures fatigue free and comfortable work at all times. With its numerous equipment versions and the optional accessory such as a radio/MP3 player with USB connection and Bluetooth besides an equipment package for particularly tough and dusty applications, the truck fulfils even more wishes of the drivers. 

The powerful drive of the RX 70 series has already proven its reliability over many years. In combination with the robust and fail-safe components, STILL ensures reliable operation of the trucks. Now, STILL passes this confidence on to its customers with a 3-year full warranty for all components of the drive train. Besides this, maintenance is only required every 1 000 hours of operation or every twelve months. To keep the service costs as low as possible, STILL uses maintenance free and low wear parts. All maintenance points are easily accessible, and an integrated diagnostic system helps the professional service technicians to complete their work fast. 

With its new RX 70-20/-35 diesel and LPG trucks STILL has again proven that the customer requirements always come in the front line. Only the optimum interaction of endurance, power, precision, ergonomics, compactness and safety guarantee maximum efficiency in operating trucks.

Source: STILL

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