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Semi-mounted central delivery gyrorakes GA 7631 and GA 8131

The GA 7631 and GA 8131 complement the range of semi-mounted central-delivery gyrorakes. Simple, user-friendly, offering a wide range of equipment and with working widths of 7.5 m and 8.0 m, they are intended for medium and large size farms.


The GA 7631 and GA 8131 are designed for ever more intensive use and to rake dense and heavy fodder, with the MASTERDRIVE G3 double reduction gearbox with conical and cylindrical sprockets. Aluminium alloy bearings incorporating a guide with bronze bushings and an outward sealing ring allow significant reduction in the weight of moving parts. The service life of the rotor is extended. The lubrication intervals are spaced at 200h. The reliability of these machines and their low level of maintenance actively contribute to cost control.

Their design, with a high frame, ensures fast rotor lift during turnaround manoeuvres, thus providing important clearance under the rotors (from 43 cm to 70 cm depending on the working width setting) in order to prevent damaging already formed windrows. The rotor attachment point is optimised to lower the rear of the rotor first. The plant cover is preserved thanks to the "Jet effect". The u- joints of the rotors and wheels located closest to the tines allows faithful ground following and clean raking. These factors contribute positively to harvesting quality forage.

These two rakes also offer a very high degree of customisation and are thus tailored to meet the needs of the farms. The hydraulic adjustment of the working and windrow width is available as standard. Many optional equipment allow very "fine" adaptation of these rakes to the specific farm configurations and to the working habits: hydraulic adjustment of the working height, individual rotor lifting, wide transport wheels, bogie axle and hydraulic windrow curtain.

Source: KUHN S.A.