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Series R: Compacts with top notch technology

The new Antonio Carraro Series R, having recently debuted on the compact market, conforms to all legal requirements regarding Stage 3B diesel engine emissions. Despite the introduction of the anti-particulate filters D.P.F. (Diesel Particulate Filter) and D.O.C. (Diesel Oxidant Catalyst), the company wishes to emphasise that the dimensions and volumes of the previous series have been maintained.


In a single power setting of 98hp, seven versions are proposed, all with the code 10900 (TRX, TRG, TGF, TTR, SRX, Mach4 and Mach2) each one with ACTIOTM, the AC full chassis with oscillation, on all versions: steering, low centre of gravity, wide track or articulated. They all have the reversible drive system except for the TGF, which is mono-directional. The 4 cylinder turbo Kubota engine with Common Rail electronic injection guarantees top level performance and fuel savings, along with a perfect integration with the transmission and with all the tractor’s technical apparatus thanks to the use of CAN-bus technology (Controller Area Network) which connects the tractor’s different control units by getting them to “talk to each other” via a constant exchange of information.

The electronic running of the engine revolutions occurs instantaneously via the controls positioned on the right of the steering wheel. It has excellent traction, which has increased thanks to a slightly longer wheelbase, which distributes the tractor’s weight perfectly. All the models are fitted with the damping system in order to reduce oscillation of the rear lift and to provide maximum comfort during road transfer while carrying equipment. The lift is also available as an electronic draft and position control lift (apart from the TTR).

On request, the brand new Air cab (ROPS and FOPS homologated) or the super-low profile Protector 100 (for the TGF) cab can be fitted, which are both pressurised with a Cat.4 certificate and which offer the operator total protection from dust, gas and aerosols. The completely new cabs, the pride and joy of the series, have an elegant streamlined design. Built with extremely high quality technical materials and despite their compactness, they offer accessories of all shapes and sizes designed to maximise operator wellbeing.

Source: Antonio Carraro S.p.A.

Carraro TGF 10900 R on LECTURA Specs
Carraro TRX 10900 R on LECTURA Specs
Carraro TRG 10900 R on LECTURA Specs
Carraro TTR 10900 on LECTURA Specs