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Service 4.0: Remote control maintenance made by Hubtex

Currently, Hubtex equips all its vehicles with remote control software for maintenance purposes. For the first time, the sideloader manufacturer presented this system to its visitors at the LogiMAT 2016 in Hall 8 Booth B 02. As of March 2016, all new vehicles can be equipped with this new software upon request. Retrofits for older vehicles are available as of May. A machine-to-machine (M2M) gateway is fitted to the forklifts and used to transfer data, e.g., the charging condition of the battery, to the Cloud of the company's system partner Telekom. Customers benefit from predictive maintenance, maximum machine availability and minimised production losses.


In the area of maintenance management Hubtex optimises its processes and relies on new software for its Services. All equipment of the sideloader manufacturer can now be equipped with a M2M gateway, which provides an automatic exchange of information between the vehicle and the Cloud. In the future, data such as vehicle operating hours, the battery charging condition as well as error codes can be read from a central vehicle control system and transmitted to the Cloud of its system partner Deutsche Telekom. Based on the available operating hours, the system detects the maintenance condition of the equipment automatically – Hubtex can offer its clients preventative maintenance at the right time. For the customer, this means saving time and costs since the scheduling of the maintenance of the equipment occurs at the precise time. Another advantage of the software is the reading of error codes, from which important conclusions can be drawn, should a fault occur. In the past, if a malfunction was detected on the customer's vehicle, Hubtex Services could only be informed regarding the error code indicated on the equipment display. When a technician arrived on-site and detected another malfunction in the course of the error analysis, in the worst-case scenario, the installation of a suitable spare part required a second service call. The new remote control maintenance software reduces additional service calls on-site. Hubtex can employ its maintenance personnel in a more efficient manner and saves its customers time and money – by reducing cost-intensive production shutdowns.

Source: Hubtex Maschinenbau GmbH