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SM-15 HD: Designed By Drillers For Drillers

The SM-15 and the SM-15HD are the newest additions to the Soilmec SM fleet of rigs for Micropile and Tieback applications. Building on the success of the SM-401 and SM-14 models, the SM-15 provides added flexibility, ease of transport, higher performance characteristics and an improved environmental impact as part of restyling of the most versatile and reliable rig for micro/mini drilling.


Using a "platform" design methodology, two different models - the SM-15 & SM-15HD - were produced to allow for price and performance options. The SM-15 HD (Heavy Duty) is the first version available in North America and on display at CONEXPO 2020. The SM-15 HD is equipped with a powerful Diesel engine and a larger undercarriage for greater stability and power to handle the most challenging projects. The SM-15 HD utilizes the Cummins B6.7 diesel engine (same engine used in the SR-35 EVO!) boasting high performance and low emissions in addition to extreme ease of maintenance. The decision to fit the SM-15 HD with a larger Diesel engine allows the drilling rig to utilize and exploit the largest double head and the vibro-rotary head configurations. The SM-15HD can be set with three types of kinematic mechanism: standard with cylinders and pin removal, with a slew ring for quick and precise adjustment +/- 180°, or with the 90° mast articulation that allows drilling on the side of the tracks.

The SM-15 and SM-15 HD work with a wide range of rotary heads up to 32kNm (23,602 lb ft) torque, jet grouting treatment of 20m (65.6 ft) depth, clamp/joint breakers and with four different masts positions for varying stroke of rotary heads. The SM-15 comes with hydraulic openable cages, ROM and SPM operation modes and all the accessories/devices to ensure the highest level of accessibility, visibility, and safety in compliance with the latest safety standards. To ensure smooth operations and enhanced safety the SM-15 HD can be equipped with the new hydraulic/proportional panel on pivotal support arm, with controls clearly laid out and located within easy reach, or with a full radio remote control. The base machine is fitted with the DMS’s LCD display and connectable to DMS Manager 4.0 for remote connection to monitor and download rig performance data.

The SM-15 HD is truly a multipurpose micro/mini drilling rig and an ideal choice for inner-city job sites due to its size, flexibility, power & performance environmental concerns and operator comfort.

Source: Soilmec