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Carer electric forklift truck R70H

Special products: a forklift truck for NASA

In December 2016, Carer Electric Forklift Solutions (USA, Canada, Mexico) delivered an electric forklift truck to the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. A truck equipped to work in "clean room" environments without altering the purity of the air.

Carer Electric Forklift Solutions (USA, Canada, Mexico) has delivered an electric forklift truck R70H at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, NASA headquarters.

NASA's choice fell on Carer due to our ability to efficiently customize an existing model to meet the space agency's strict requirements in terms of "clean room" or white roomenvironments that must preserve an extreme purity of air. In addition, NASA has used for nearly 20 years in another area of ​​the Space Center an R70N forklift truck, still operating at full speed.

When NASA met Carer, the two companies discussed about the requirements needed by an electric forklift truck to operate in a white room environment. An environment that, above all, requires an adequate contamination control. For a forklift truck this means that all fluids and fine particulate matter must remain inside.

For this reason, Carer modified many details of the R70H truck, including the inverters, delivering a closed system engine to NASA thanks to the work of its Special Product Equipment Department (SPED).

The R70H is a high-capacity forklift truck with an 80 V power reserve that can lift up to 7 tons. Designed for handling materials in intensive applications, the main feature of the R70H is its rigid structure, able to maintain high stability to ensure safe fluid handling. Features which are needed in a work environment like NASA, as in any application where it is necessary to transport and handle materials with care.

The choice made by NASA is a reason for pride for Carer's Director of Business Development Eric Halfnights: "Working with NASA is an exciting opportunity for our team. Our ability to prepare and customize our product lines makes us able to work with different companies that need specialty products. We have a talented development team, so when customers have special needs like those of NASA, we are able to design a truck that meets their needs."

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