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Special promotion RAVAS 35th Anniversary / Weighing hand pallet truck limited edition

RAVAS 35th Anniversary
RAVAS Europe
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RAVAS 35th Anniversary

This year, it has been 35 years that RAVAS introduced the first weighing hand pallet truck. To celebrate this memorable fact with our dealer and partner network, we present the RAVAS 35th Anniversary, a limited edition of a high-quality hand pallet truck, from €1,495 for €1,235. This special promotion ends on January 31, 2021.

High accuracy  

The RAVAS 35th Anniversary is a highly accurate limited edition model with a weighing deviation of max. 0.1% of the load lifted.  


Multi-range 0.2/0.5/1 kg (until 200/500/2000 kg) enables you to use both small packages and heavy pallets. 

Battery pack  

Thanks to the removable industrial battery pack, it can be charged at night or during weekends with the supplied charger. The battery pack provides power for 35 hours of continuous weighing. Option: 2nd battery pack. 


Rock-solid protection of electronics inside against protruding pallet parts on the load side.


Source: RAVAS