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The chain saw of the future

The new STIHL MS 500i is the first chain saw with electronic fuel injection and a never-before achieved power-to-weight ratio


With the MS 500i, STIHL presents the world’s first series-manufactured chain saw with electronically controlled fuel injection, consolidating its position as technology leader. The STIHL injection technology (i) not only provides the chain saw of the future with incredible torque, but also ensures rapid acceleration of the saw chain from 0 to 100 km/h in just 0.25 seconds. The intelligent lightweight design also means the MS 500i is outstanding, with the best ever power-to-weight ratio: 1.24 kilograms per kilowatt. This exemplary low value has never been achieved before by series-manufactured chain saws. That makes professional timber harvesting even easier. The MS 500i has exceptional starting behavior and provides optimum engine power right from startup. The engine does not need a carburetor or ignition module, since the fuel metering is done using a sensor, and automatically adapts to the different operating conditions. That means plenty of fun to use, no matter what the altitude and ambient temperature.

The details at a glance:

  • First chain saw with STIHL Injection

The new era in engine development! The MS 500i is the world’s first series-manufactured chain saw with an electronically-controlled fuel injection system (i = “injection”). The engine does not require a carburetor or ignition module. The fuel is injected directly into the crankcase via the injection valve. Fuel quantity, injection timing and ignition timing are calculated on a fully-automatic basis by the control unit of the MS 500i. The data required for this is provided by a whole range of sensors installed in the saw - for example for pressure and temperature. This ensures that the high-torque machine has optimum engine performance right from startup. It provides powerful performance and the saw chain accelerates extremely rapidly - from 0 to 100 km/h in just 0.25 seconds.

  • Easy starting and sensor-controlled fuel mixing

The sensor-controlled fuel mixing of the MS 500i guarantees optimum engine power and excellent starting performance independent of altitude and ambient temperature. In addition, because of the lack of a starter lever and the good access to the purger, starting is very easy under all conditions, and the stop button only needs to be pressed to stop the engine.

  • Best power-to-weight ratio of any class

The MS 500i is a lightweight within the ranks of professional saws. Thanks to intelligent lightweight design, as well as an extremely high engine power, it has an exemplary power-to-weight ratio at 1.24 kg/kW. This value is unique across all displacement categories for standard chainsaws. Equipping the new saw with the ES Light bar as standard continues this lightweight concept.

  • Improved ergonomics and practical details make work easier

The low overall weight, the chain sprocket cover with integrated bumper strips, together with the dynamic manoeuvrability allows ideal handling on the trunk. The raised plunge bar on the fan housing - parallel to the axis of symmetry of the guide bar - makes directional control and machine guidance easier when plunge cutting. Captive nuts on the chain sprocket cover make changing the chain straightforward. Professional big timber harvesting - from felling through cutting to length to limbing - is a simple task with the new professional saw.

Source: The STIHL Group