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The GA 13131 and GA 15131 4 rotor gyrorakes with central delivery are ISOBUS compatible

A variable working width of between 8.40m and 12.50m makes the GA 13131 Gyrorake the second biggest tool in the KUHN rake range today (after the GA 15131 – which offers a variable working width between 9.50m and 14.70m).


The two new models GA 13131 and GA 15131 of the KUHN range have the distinction of having been developed with an ISOBUS software. A compatibility list gives farmers the possibility to operate the machine using ISOBUS terminals already present on the farm’s tractors or via a KUHN terminal (VT 50 or CCI 200).

All functions concerning folding / unfolding, windrow width adjustment, working width, raking height, plot management… are managed from the cab via the ISOBUS terminal. The use of a joystick is also possible to optimize the ease of operation.

Manoeuvre sequencing is also programmable and provides a high degree of operating comfort for U-turns on headlands. To finish the plot, the rotors can be lifted individually or simultaneously. The headstock linked to the frame has a hydraulic unit, so machine drive is always in line, even in tight bends. Each rotor is driven hydraulically, so the constraint of greasing numerous transmissions is removed.

According to forage type and density, front rotor rotation speed can be accelerated from the tractor cab in order to enhance windrow formation. This function is greatly appreciated, by drivers of pick-up machines following the raking operation, for the regular, airy windrows that are produced.

Switching between transport and work position requires no arm or guard manipulation, and road height remains under 4m.

3D rotor suspension mount and wheels closely positioned to the tines make for excellent ground following. The exclusive STABILIFT system, that locks the rotors in position for windrow clearance and transport, as well as the pivoting wheels, contribute to the protection of plant cover on headlands and on bends.

Operating comfort can be increased even further with the camera and LED headlights that are available as an option.

Source: Kuhn