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MEILLER Skip handler with i.s.a.r.-control Go to photo
MEILLER Skip handler with i.s.a.r.-control

The MEILLER skip handler AK10: efficiency for medium-duty trucks

The recently updated MEILLER skip handler family is increasing in size. Following the facelift received by the AK 12 and AK 16, the MEILLER product range of medium-duty and light trucks has now also been overhauled.


The future belongs to light and medium-duty skip handlers. These agile and manoeuvrable skip transporters are needed in the urban
environment for disposal tasks on construction sites and in companies where access is extremely difficult. Their low overall height allows them to roll through tunnels and passages, and low overall tonnage permits them to operate in zones where weight is a significant factor.

The new light AK7 and AK10 skip handlers now possess the technical qualities of their larger skip handler colleagues, with the product designation being derived from AK and the number indicating its lifting capacity. Their development represents a resolute implementation of customer wishes and, simultaneously, the improvement of operational reliability. Highly stressed zones on the arms have been strengthened without increasing the overall weight. In compliance with standards, the AK10 and AK7 can be equipped with a triple tipping hook system which ensures safe tipping of both current and older skips on request. Technical advances are evident in the details. A new pneumatic safety catch in the tipping hook increases tipping safety through accurate and complete opening and closing of the tipping hook mouth. In conjunction with the opening prevention feature, this effectively prevents the skip from overturning or the pivot bearing bolt inadvertently slipping out.

MEILLER skip handler AK10

Greater operating ease

Another example is the so-called M-bracket, the new chain suspension device fitted to the upper ends of the telescopic arms. The combination of chain suspension device and shortening feature with a high-strength chain facilitates single-handed operation and reduces the weight by an impressive 35 kg.

Increased operating ease and tipping safety are apparent when it comes to actuation of the telescopic arms. Use of new control valves ensures that safe operation of the telescopic arms with protection against overloading is now also possible during the tipping process. Operating locks encountered in earlier versions are dispensed with.

MEILLER's load-dependent quick movement has also been improved further, enabling a considerable shortening of loading procedures involving skip handlers (even with filled skips). Thanks to the optimised control, safety-related functions are positively controlled and hydraulic pressure peaks are limited in quick movement mode. Operation of the automatic speed control is load-dependent, with the velocity only being increased if greater oil volumes are required. Fuel costs are reduced as a result by up to 1,000 euros per annum, depending on use.

The MEILLER skip handler AK10

Time is money in everyday transport

With a proven record of effectiveness, the load securing system by MEILLER saves time during loading and unloading and is absolutely indispensable when it comes to safety. The driver can secure the skip at the touch of a button. The skip is then secured both in and counter to the direction of travel with the hydraulic skip locking mechanism. Two hydraulic clamping jaws also hold it firmly against lateral movement. The days where laborious manual securing of the load by the operator was necessary are gone. These systems are, of course, certified and meet all valid standards for load securing equipment. In addition to actuating load securing equipment, newly developed hydraulic double load valves below the loading platform also contribute considerably to the reduction in hydraulic screw fittings. MEILLER's general avoidance of hydraulic hoses wherever possible contributes significantly to a reduction in maintenance requirements. This is, for example, evident in the exclusive use of hydraulic tubes in ram traverses. Maintenance-friendliness is also emphasised, as the hydraulic filter is now fitted below the bolted floor plate of the loading platform to facilitate removal.

Another new feature is the rear underride guard with height adjustment which has a new sturdy profile. The three new rear access steps (with hand rail) screwed into position on and above this considerably facilitate driver access to the platform. The newly designed rear light protection contains optional LED three-compartment lights which are more suited to the rough conditions encountered daily at the landfill and optionally replace conventional rear lights with their tried and trusted design.

MEILLER i.s.a.r.-control remote


The i.s.a.r. control is a handy remote control in signal yellow with which, at the push of a button, the operator can control all superstructure functions within a radius of up to 30 metres around the vehicle. Hydraulic system commands are issued absolutely safely and free of interference using state-of-the-art digital radio and the industrial Bluetooth standard. All required functions are integrated, and the control includes a prominent start-stop button in the centre for the vehicle engine. Even brief phases without the engine running save fuel and reduce noise and pollution emissions – not to mention the costs involved. The networked control technology not only improves operating ease, stored process logic also rules out any operating errors. The operating device is located in a fixed charging cradle installation in the driver’s cab, while the on-board electrical system supplies the rechargeable batteries with power. Last but not least, the keypad is now backlit – a not inconsiderable advantage for night operations and when working in diffused light.

Stowage options on the unit have also been revised, with the open hold behind the driver's cab being replaced by a large storage box with a lockable lid which can also accommodate bulky items such as spades, shovels and brushes. If desired, the customer can be provided with storage boxes for small parts (also lockable) which can be fitted at the rear of the skip handler.

Source: F. X. MEILLER Fahrzeug- und Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co KG