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The NEW XT 390 series of disc mowers

The NEW SaMASZ XT 390 disc mower - you’ll cut more, better, and more comfortably!


The modern design of the XT 390 completely changes the quality of work and convenience of transport. This mower, similarly to other SaMASZ models, does not damage the turf, and minimises the level of dirt, so the harvested feed is of the highest purity.

The XT 390 is the world‘s highest-working-width mower mounted on a tractor‘s three-point hitch, and carried in an inclined position, which meets all road-traffic requirements. Transportability in an inclined position ensures much-better visibility, safety, and stability. The XT 390 allows the machine to be parked in the transportation position on four feet. The machine also features unique collision protection, consisting of a hydraulic safety device integrated with the fastener and the machine body, providing the largest tilting cutter-bar range available on the market.

Central suspension

The main advantage of central suspension is its even weight distribution, perfect ground following, and large tilting range (up to 24°), which makes it easy to use on uneven terrain, and allows optimum driving in all conditions.

Transportation and storage

Another strong point of the XT 390 is its transportability in an inclined position, ensuring safer driving and easier manoeuvrability on both public roads and narrow dirt roads. A great advantage of this machine is its height, which does not exceed 4 m, so, according to the traffic law, it is does not require any additional markings or permits. In addition, the XT 390 in the standard version allows the machine to be parked in a stable transport position on four feet.

Hydro-pneumatic suspension

Thanks to its hydro-pneumatic suspension, the operator can use the tractor’s hydraulics to quickly adjust the pressure of the cutting bar on the ground, so that, regardless of the terrain, the pressure on the ground is always the same. A large and easily visible pressure gauge informs the operator of the pressure in the hydro-pneumatic system. Another advantage is the possibility to adjust the pressure without leaving the tractor cab, thereby adjusting the load to the conditions.

Hydraulic safety device and unique collision protection

The XT 390 features unique collision protection. A hydraulic safety device is integrated with the hook and body of the machine, and is additionally supported by the innovative hydro-pneumatic suspension system. It protects the cutting unit from damage. When an obstacle is encountered, the cutter bar on the first disc tilts more than 50 cm, and is raised up 30 cm, and finally returns to the working position automatically. None of the machines available on the market include cutter bars with such a high tilt range.

Source: SaMASZ Sp. z o.o.