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The powerful choice for limited access cuts

A world`s first: The STIHL TS 440 cut-off machine with extended guard adjustment and QuickStop wheel brake for additional utility on the construction site


With its extended guard adjustment and high torque, the new cut-off machine STIHL TS 440 is the perfect choice for limited access cuts. It is designed to allow extended guard adjustability so that the cutting wheel is exposed at the top – ideal when traditional guard positions limit access such as the undersides of pipes in a trench when the ability to excavate is limited. This expanded guard adjustability is made possible by the world-first STIHL QuickStop sensor-activated wheel brake technology capable of stopping the rotation of the cutting wheel in fractions of a second if kickback occurs. The STIHL TS 440 is particularly appropriate for cutting tasks on pipes– whether concrete, metal, cast, iron or stone – and it is versatile enough to be used for general cutting tasks on the construction site.

Overview on details:

  • Extended guard adjustment

The cutting wheel guard can be adjusted so that the cutting wheel of the TS 440 is exposed at the top. This allows easier access for cutting the underside of pipes, in corners and wall sections, and when working where space is limited.

  • A worlds`s first: STIHL QuickStop wheel brake

The STIHL QuickStop wheel brake is designed to allow for extended guard adjustability. The sensor-activated technology is capable of stopping the rotation of the cutting wheel in fractions of a second if kickback occurs and the top portion of the wheel is exposed.

  • High torque

Thanks to a two-stage belt drive, the TS 440 is characterized by a high torque on the cutting wheel. It allows the users to apply higher feed force while reducing the chance of bogging the engine.

  • Economical and low-emission

The 3.2 kW powerful 2-MIX engine of the TS 440 uses up to 20 percent less fuel compared with similarly powered STIHL two-stroke engines without 2-MIX technology and reduces the exhaust gas emissions by up to 70 percent.

  • Practical details for greater operator convenience

The electronically controlled water supply binds dust and reduces the water consumption. Furthermore, the TS 440 has additional proven technical details such as the ElastoStart starter grip, an anti-vibration system and a long-life filter system with cyclone pre-separator.

  • Optimized for maintenance and service

One new feature is the guided diagnostic process as part of the maintenance. Here, all components and the sensor of the STIHL QuickStop cutting wheel brake are tested for correct operation. Any possible issues are hereby identified accurately and quickly and maintenance time is reduced.

Source: The STIHL Group