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The ROCKWOOL Group invests in new logistics centre, Netherlands

A €10 million investment sees the ROCKWOOL Group acquire a new, 9 hectare logistics centre, situated directly adjacent to its existing factory in the industrial area of Roerstreek, Roermond.

The aim of the project is to streamline logistics, enabling the ROCKWOOL Group to operate more efficiently and effectively in Roermond, where it holds the world’s largest stone wool factory. Dick Snellenberg, Finance Director of ROCKWOOL Benelux, explains that ‘In order to continue confronting and competing with international market pressures these logistical changes are crucial, and ensure the existence and success of our factory in Roermond for the long-term’.

The move is supported by both the Limburg Restructuring Society for Industrial Estates BV (LHB) and the Development of Central Limburg (OML), which actively encourage industrial growth and diversity in the region through the redistribution of land. In this case, both companies played a part in the buying and selling of land, which allowed the ROCKWOOL Group to move its logistic operations from a decentralized location to one in closer proximity to its factory.

The new facilityshows the Group’s continued efforts in the Roerstreek region, which already employs approximately 4,700 people, and Twan Beurskens, Deputy of Economy & Land for the Province of Limburg, stresses the importance of this: ‘The ROCKWOOL Group is one of the largest employers in Roermond, and this investment goes a long way towards stabilising the manufacturing industry in Midden-Limburg’.

Upon the project’s completion in 2016, the ROCKWOOL Group’s presence in Roermond will be significantly streamlined, with a closer-knit base of operations allowing reduced transport costs and increased resource efficiency.