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Flexible and versatile use because of easy transport Go to photo
Flexible and versatile use because of easy transport

„This wheel loader and I grew A Team very quickly“

It’s the GIANT V452T X-TRA, this quote refers to. And the man, who is making it, is René Keller, owner of the Keller Endingen Garten- & Tiefbau GmbH. Never before he had decided so quickly to buy machine, he adds. The relation of its own weight compared to its lifting capacity, the small width and the easy transportation of the GIANT were perfect from the beginning.


The GIANT V452T X-TRA offers all the characteristics that are needed to fulfill all transportation of material much more efficient and with a minimum of manual work. For example, the GIANT is moving pallets of composite stone directly to the place where they are needed – because it is narrow and versatile and can also use smaller paths. No doubt it also has enough lifting capacity for those tasks.

Compact, powerful and not bulky at all

The GIANTS small weight and the Terra-wheels preserve the underground and avoid damages to the soil that often occur with crawler-mounted vehicles like a dumper. The GIANT also can take over its transportation tasks, so that one machine on the building site can be saved. The wheel loader is also able to scatter different materials. Because of the limited carrying capacity of underground garage roofs these characteristics offer a lot of advantages. In addition it’s very easy to transport the GIANT on a trailer, so it can be easily taken from one building site to the other with great flexibility.Flexible and versatile use because of easy transport

Perfect characteristics in horticulture


The easy transport makes the GIANT very desirable. Whenever it comes to material handling, everybody wants to have it to unload trucks or to move sidewalk flagstones exactly where they are needed. There the flagstones are taken from the pallet and directly put at the right point. René Keller likes that way of much quicker and more efficient work. The GIANT also reduces manual work of his team of eight persons. All of them really like the new machine after having used it. René Keller is also very satisfied with the service and support of his regional GIANT dealer. To be always ready for action with his machinery, Keller needs a competent garage. For the GIANT V452T-X-TRA HD it wasn’t needed yet, the wheel loader is working without any trouble and is absolutely reliable.