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Trailed mower conditioner with side drawbar and hydraulic pivoting swath shields FC 3160 TLV

The range of KUHN trailed mower conditioners counts a new model with side drawbar and hydraulic swath shields: the FC 3160 TLV.


With a 3.10m cut, 2-speed retractable finger conditioner and hydraulically controlled swath shields, this machine can deliver 2 swaths side by side grouping approximately 6m of cut crop on a swath width which does not exceed 2.80m. An ideal dimension for 3m forage harvester pick-ups as well as an interesting choice for first cuts intended for silage.

There are many benefits: significant time savings and overall harvest cost reduction as not only is the windrowing task no longer required, but forage harvester work output is increased and there is potential gain in forage quality (no forage loss linked to the mechanical windrowing operation, no risk of foreign bodies or soil being moved into the swath) and reduced risks of mechanical breakdown (stones).

When operating the swath shields, the driver automatically alters the drawbar position. This way and owing to the exclusive machine design, the tractor wheels never run over the forage, the machine always works the full cut width and the delivered swath is easier to collect for the pick-up.

Forage is « normally » delivered by simply operating a hydraulic valve. In this case as well as on steep slopes, the swath shields are used to optimize swath delivery for increased driving comfort and forage quality preservation.

As for all mower conditioners of the 1060 range, this machine benefits from the Gyrodine hitch, the Optidisc cutter bar with Fast-Fit quick release blades and raised skids, as well as the conditioner with the exclusive built-in safety.

For low ground pressure and less pull power requirement, it is equipped as standard with very large sized wheels.

Only two tractor hydraulic valves are required to operate this tool.

The FC 3160 TLV ideally completes the FC 3160 and 3560 TCD RA with central drawbar and conveyor-belt swath grouper already available in the KUHN range.

Source: Kuhn