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VELOCE – disc harrow

Compact and lightweight, VELOCE is the perfect disc harrow for managing residual material and for preparing the seedbed. Characterised by the ample space between the two ranks (800 mm), the chassis has been redesigned for greater strength and robustness.


VELOCE is the new disc harrow for burying crop residue, with a working capacity of between 8 and 12 cm, for reliable, high-performance operation.

On the new sturdy, rigid chassis, two rows of discs are spaced 800 mm from each other to improve the residue flow and reduce clogging, whilst ensuring improved mixing, promoting rapid decomposition of the organic layer.

The boron steel discs (510 mm), which are set at a specific angle, cut the soil cleanly, and remix the residue extremely well. The disc supports have been designed to ensure better clearance between the instruments and the chassis, allowing greater elasticity for the supports and facilitating the flow of soil into the inner disc area. Each disc is installed on independent "SILENT BLOCK" dumper, to guarantee maximum engagement with the ground and optimal uniformity during work. The self-lubricating hubs are specially designed for durability and performance.

The outer sides of the rear and front rows are equipped with 2 adjustable fastening plates to control the residue-soil flow, in order to prevent any soil leakage. For operators who wish to sow a cover crop or fertilise the ground, the VELOCE can be equipped with an APV tank for seed or fertiliser (optional).