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Vermeer has launched the newest mini skid steer, the CTX100

Vermeer has extended its CTX mini skid steer product line with the addition of the CTX100 compact utility loader. The CTX100 features vertical lift boom arms, which offer a higher lift capacity than a similarly sized radial lift arm machine. In addition, Vermeer has increased the hinge pin height to help landscape contractors load and transport materials more efficiently.


“The CTX100 uses the same vertical lift geometry as the Vermeer CTX50 compact utility loader,” said Matt Hutchinson, product manager — Tree Care, Rental & Landscape at Vermeer. “Because the CTX line uses vertical lift boom arms, which are designed to keep the load closer to the machine, the compact utility loaders have almost 20 percent more lift capacity than a radial lift machine with the same footprint.”

The new CTX100 has a tipping capacity of 2,958 pounds (1,341.7 kg) and a rated operating capacity of 1,035 pounds (469.5 kg).


Vermeer designed the CTX100 for jobsite accessibility. On 7-inch (17.8 cm) tracks, the CTX100 measures 36 inches (91.4 cm) wide and can fit through a standard gate, making it easier for landscape contractors to transport materials from the truck to the backyard. In ground conditions where more traction or floatation is needed, the CTX100 is available with 9-inch-wide (22.9 cm) tracks.

For additional accessibility, the CTX100 has a hinge pin height of 89.5 inches (227.3 cm), which enables operators to lift wide materials over the top of the gate opening — rather than removing a fence panel — for increased jobsite efficiency. The extra 7.5 inches (19 cm) of pin height can also help contractors lift materials over the side of a taller truck body.


The CTX100 has a 40 horsepower (29.8 kW) Kohler KDI Tier 4 Final diesel engine for tackling tough jobsite applications. The Kohler KDI engine is equipped with an exhaust after-treatment system that uses a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), which requires less maintenance and eliminates the regeneration process that is necessary with a diesel particular filter (DPF) equipped system.

It also has a universal mounting plate and comes standard with dual auxiliary hydraulic controls to support a variety of high- and low-flow attachments. Hydraulic flow ranges from 8.1 gallons per minute (30.7 L/min) up to 15.5 gallons per minute (58.7 L/min), depending on the demand of the attachment. For example, low flow provides more precision control to the operators when running a grapple, while high flow gives the machine more power to run a trencher or harley rake.

“We selected a 40-horsepower (29.8 kW) engine to optimize the machine to run attachments,” said Hutchinson. “In lower horsepower machines, the loader may have the required lift capacity but may not have the hydraulic power to fully utilize the capabilities of the machine.”

To help the operator monitor engine performance, the CTX100 is equipped with a new multifunctional display. It provides machine readouts, such as operating hours, rpm, oil and hydraulic temperatures, and displays machine diagnostics and engine codes.

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Like other models in the Vermeer compact utility loader lineup, the CTX100 features a chariot-style, ride-on platform. The enhanced operator’s station features a single, pilot-operated joystick for smoother operation. The spring-cushioned platform keeps operators out of the mud and debris and provides additional support when working in rough terrain. The platform offers a good vantage point for viewing attachments during operation. The operator presence system is integrated into the platform, in which the ground drive and attachment motion is suspended if the operator steps off the machine.

The Vermeer CTX100 compact utility loader is available in October 2016.

Source: Vermeer Corporation