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Vicon FastBale – non-stop round baler at Agritechnica show

Further developments in non–stop round baling and wrapping.


Vicon FastBale continues to make non-stop baling a reality for an increasing number of forward thinking farmers and contractors. Available in limited numbers throughout Europe during the 2017 season, FastBale has continued to impress users with its cleverly integrated twin bale chambers and innovative wrapping system.

FastBale-designed and developed at the Kverneland Group’s baler competence centre in Ravenna, Italy, continues to set the pace in round baler development.

The latest enhancement to the non-stop bale production process is the introduction of a film-on-film applicator option for those looking to take advantage of the improvements in silage quality claimed for this technique. The application of net replacement film on FastBale features a range of modifications to the net system to allow for the differing characteristics of film compared to net. The system is able to handle pre-stretch ratios over a wide range, and roll widths up to 1400mm allowing the use of film from a variety of suppliers.

Simple switching from film to net, without the need for any mechanical changes to the system by the operator, is a major contributor to fully flexible operation and will also be highly appealing to busy contractors operating with mixed workloads.

FastBale bale chamber layout is truly innovative, with two bale chambers arranged in series – a full sized main chamber and a pre-chamber, located directly above the intake rotor, which is about two thirds of the size of the main chamber. This ingenious design results in an extremely compact machine – Despite its non-stop capability, FastBale is one of the most compact baler wrapper combinations available.

Baling starts in the conventional manner with the main chamber producing the first bale. When the bale is fully formed, instead of having to stop to apply the net (or film), FastBale diverts the crop flow to the pre-chamber. This allows the net to be applied to the bale in the main chamber and for the completed bale to be ejected onto the wrapper.

When the pre-chamber is full, the incoming crop flow, together with the pre-compressed crop from the pre-chamber are both then transferred into the main bale chamber. Here the bale is formed to its final size and density. This entire process enables baling to continue uninterrupted – a fact quickly appreciated by operators, while also saving the considerable time spent stood still during binding and bale discharge with a conventional round baler.

Bale transfer to the wrapper is simple, with the wrapper lowered to meet the completed bale as it simply rolls from the main chamber. This avoids the need for a complex mechanical transfer system. With the wrapper then raised, twin satellite arms, which rotate in a vertical plane, wrap the bale at high speed. Once complete, the wrapper is lowered, and the rear wrapper roller is then raised, gently releasing the wrapped bale onto the ground with no rolling momentum.

The development of FastBale is a direct result of the Kverneland Group’s significant investment in its baler manufacturing facility, as it continues to build a leading position in the round baler market.

Source: Kverneland Group