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vonRoll hydro sets new standards in sustainable water management

“New intelligent system transforms pipe networks into the SMARTNET of the future”

Water is a resource of fundamental importance and must be treated with prudence and care. The sustainable use of water is a subject that first and foremost involves water suppliers. It is becoming clear that we are facing a shortage of clean drinking water in many parts of Europe. And the infrastructures of the water supply stations are often outdated. Pollutant levels in water are also rising – currently a widely discussed topic due to increased health consciousness. The new sensitivity regarding the resource of water is reflected in increasing regulation intended to protect this valuable raw material. In the past, quality parameters for drinking water were only measured in the untreated water, at the water plant and after treatment. Today, however, data from the entire infrastructure right up to the domestic connections are of interest and importance. Pipes, valves, hydrants and cast components are therefore becoming intelligent interfaces for data collection and control systems.

With its new, highly innovative SMARTNET products and services, vonRoll hydro is introducing intelligent technology to water supply networks. The present and future requirements for resource protection, safety and quality are perfectly fulfilled in an impressively simple and low-cost way. The SMARTNET components can easily be incorporated into today's water supply systems. A secure water supply for the future is ensured using state-of-the-art sensor systems, data transmission technologies and visualisation tools.

Ideally networked for the perfect overview

The modular design and fully integrated system uses the visualisation and control software HydroPort 3.0 to transform pipe networks into the SMARTNET of the future. HydroPort is based on Google Maps (or alternative map systems) and provides those responsible with an overview of the current state of their infrastructure in a remarkably simple manner.

Sustainable and affordable at the same time

SMARTNET is not only the basis for a safe water supply for the future, but also a key element for the optimisation of a cost-effective operation. Adjustments and modifications can be efficiently planned and monitored thanks to SMARTNET collecting all the necessary information. All SMARTNET components are SWISS ENGINEERED – for the highest quality and best value for money.

Years of experience and a vision for the future you can build on

Christoph Dietiker, Head of Marketing at vonRoll hydro told us: “With SMARTNET we have created the basis for the water supply of tomorrow. As an innovative company, we develop and produce the excellent sustainable products and services that our customers expect from us. Here we can draw on a wealth of experience gained over many years. This is why vonRoll hydro is also known for its practical solutions and there are often attempts to copy us”. He added: “We know everything about water provision and we use this knowledge to actively shape the future. And with SMARTNET, we have an intelligent, fully integrated system that allows you to perfectly meet tomorrow’s challenges today”.

SMARTNET will be available from the second half of 2016. At the IFAT in Munich (30 May - 3 June 2016) the system will be presented using, among other things, a fascinating simulation in “real-time”.