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Weekly overview 10.-14.6. 2019

Getting to know the wastebox — a flexible platform for construction waste disposal


LECTURA Press questioned Ralf Mittermayr and the wastebox team about bauma 2019, service, ecology, expansion, competition and much more. Read more >>

Camso launches new MPT 732 tire: the ultimate solution in agro-industrial traction

Camso today announced the launch of the MPT 732, a multi-purpose bias tire engineered for exceptional traction, stability and durability under a variety of conditions, which has been developed to meet the requirements of the EMEA market. Read more >>

Perfectly Lassoed: CC 3800 Crawler Cranes Remove Rotor Blades from Enercon E-126 Wind Turbine Using Tandem Lifts

Adverse Weather Conditions Pose a Challenge for the Aertssen Team and Its Cranes During Precision Lifts in the Walloon province of Estinnes. On behalf of Enercon, Belgian crane service provider Aertssen removed the 72-tonne, 58-meter-long rotor blades from an Enercon E-126 wind turbine at a height of approximately 136 meters for maintenance. However, what may sound like a routine job was actually a tricky challenge, and it was only the team’s extensive experience and two CC 3800 lattice boom crawler cranes that enabled them to successfully carry out the corresponding lifts. Read more >>

Kalmar continues its long history of eco-efficiency by introducing the industry's first lithium-ion powered medium forklift

Kalmar, part of Cargotec, is to introduce a medium electric forklift powered by emission-free lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technology. The new forklift is the latest step on the company's journey towards offering an electric version of every product in its portfolio by 2021. It is the first forklift in the medium-capacity range to be powered by Li-ion batteries, and the battery technology will initially be available for several models with a wheelbase of 3,500 mm. Read more >>

JCB launches its first ever rotating telehandler

JCB, the world’s number one telehandler manufacturer, is extending its portfolio, with the launch of a totally new Hydraload rotating telescopic handler. Recognising the growth in popularity of rotating machines with heavier lift capacities across Europe, the company will initially launch the Hydraload 555-210R, offering a maximum lift capacity of 5.5 tonnes and a maximum working height of 20.5m. Read more >>

One for all: The Krone Profi Liner with Safe Curtain

With the Profi Liner, Krone presents a genuine all-round vehicle that can be used in a wide variety of situations. For example, the 30 mm thick, waterproof, glued and all-round phenolic-coated and sealed panel floor, which is designed for floor  forklift axle loads of up to 7000 kg, forklift axle load, stands for practical robust and hard-wearing equipment. Read more >>

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