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Weekly overview 15.4.-19.4.2019

World’s First 1 tonne Electric Mini-Excavator from Bobcat


Bobcat has launched the world’s first 1 tonne electric mini-excavator at Bauma 2019. Combining zero emissions, low noise and a width of just 71 cm, Bobcat’s new E10e battery-powered, zero tail swing (ZTS) mini-excavator can easily pass through standard doors and in and out of lifts, making it ideal for indoor applications such as demolition and basement construction. Read more >>

TII India showcases new Tiiger SD modular transporter at the bauma

For the transport of loads up to 240 tonnes on public roads or in industrial areas, TII India is launching a new vehicle on the market at bauma: the Tiiger Smart Duty (SD). The modular platform trailer has a 53 degree steering angle and hydraulically supported pendulum axles thus making it super light and resilient. Up to 18 tonnes can be transported per axle line. Developed in Germany and manufactured in India, the robust all-rounder is suitable for transporting construction machinery, cranes, wagons and concrete girders, among other things. The Tiiger SD is sold in India, Africa and Southeast Asia. Read more >>

Mercedes-Benz Trucks: The new Arocs with Multimedia Cockpit - a tailor-made solution for every vehicle body

The new Arocs remains true to its virtues, and continues to excel with power, robustness and efficiency. At the same time the Mercedes-Benz Trucks flagship for construction operations offers digital applications for the construction sector. Above all, the Arocs's already existing ability to accommodate to bodybuilders has been improved even further. For example, individual body control functions that are not relevant to safety can be integrated into the Multimedia Cockpit of the new Arocs. This brings a number of advantages for bodybuilders, drivers and transport operators. Read more >>

New Volvo EC60E Delivers Big Machine Performance in Compact Package

Replacing the outgoing EC55C, the more powerful and productive EC60E crawler excavator from Volvo Construction Equipment is built for comfortable, efficient operation in a wide variety of applications. The new EC60E crawler excavator from Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) is built to fit any jobsite – from confined spaces to major construction projects. This machine offers improved traction, excellent swing force and high lifting capacity to achieve outstanding results, fast. With a compact design, long arm, and optional fixed boom and offset boom, the versatile and powerful EC60E is suitable for a large range of applications. Read more >>

Construction Brand Rating

In the machinery world, it is quite complicated to find reliable and structured feedback from construction machinery users and operators on the machines they have been using, which would be beneficial not only for other users or buyers, but also for the manufacturers themselves. We have dedicated ourselves to solving this task and begun our mission. Read more >>

FOECK innovation at BAUMA: Agile cable plough with radio remote control

The Foeckersperger Group, world market leader in ploughing systems, expands its product range with the small radio remote controlled FSP6. The new FOECK Plough FSP 6 is the smallest and most maneuverable plough from the world market leader. Designed for flexible pipes up to 125 mm diameter the new FOECK Plough FSP 6 is able to lay cables and pipes directly at the site boundary, combined with a FOECK pulling machine, the FOECK Truck or FOECK Crawler. The new ergonomic radio remote control FRC 2-1 helps the operator to have an overview and full control of the equipment the whole time. Read more >>

All-terrain feeder stacker

McCloskey International’s heavy duty high capacity feeder stacker, the ST100TF, is now designed to deliver enhanced handling and radial stockpiling of a wide range of materials. The multi-function tracked radial feeder stacker combines onsite track mobility with the high stockpiling capacity of a radial conveyor, switching from track to wheels in seconds. The design allows for the wheels to be fully folded for transport, delivering true site-to-site portability. Read more >>

An energy-efficient alternative

BEUMER Group: fully automated tyre transport system at HeidelbergCement ensures continuous feed of waste tyres as secondary fuels. The manufacture of cement is particularly energy-intensive. To reduce the use of valuable primary fuels like coal, HeidelbergCement is opting for alternative fuels, such as waste tyres. The calorific value of rubber is comparable to that of hard coal. And because the iron from the armouring can be incorporated mineralogically into the cement, it reduces the need to add ferrous corrective substances. BEUMER Group supplied the fully-automated system that sorts, separates and regulates the tyres of different sizes and weights and feeds them to the rotary kiln inlet. The system supplier also took over the installation and provided the steel structure. Thanks to the new system, the kiln of the cement plant is now fed with a constant stream of material. Read more >>

Bonfiglioli launches ECGenius, its Continuously Variable Transmission, at Bauma 2019

High-power, efficient and cost-effective, ECGenius is dedicated to telehandler applications. ECGenius is a high-power, efficient and cost-effective continuously variable transmission dedicated to telehandler vehicles, and also suitable for other equipment. The Patented Mechanical Variator (Europe, United States and Asia) at the core of this product is the result of over 15 years of development at CVTCORP, Bonfiglioli’s Canadian partner. It enables OEMs to downsize engine while providing unmatched operational ease, and overall vehicle performance improvements in the 20-30% range. Torque and power are transferred seamlessly through 6 actuated rollers, thanks to the electrohydrodynamic lubrication, which prevents metal to metal contact while ensuring the correct torque transfer without slippage. Read more >>

COMANSA announces upcoming large Flat-Top tower crane in Bauma

Also to come is the optional Quick Set, an electronic limitation system to drastically reduce the set-up time of all the Flat-Top range. Manufacturer COMANSA announced during the Bauma trade show in Munich the upcoming addition of another model to its wide range of large Flat-Top tower cranes. The new 21LC1400 will be available worldwide from September 2019 and will come in two versions, with maximum load capacity of 50 or 66 tonnes (110,230 or 145,500 lb). The main expected application of the 21LC1400 is to work in PPVC and infrastructure projects, but this new model will also provide the best performance in any other site in which it is necessary to lift very heavy loads. Read more >>


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