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ENTECO E9080 DR: Secant piles at the udine (Italy) worksite

The undisputed protagonist on site is the ENTECO E9080 DR, a model with a double rotary head for cased CFA drilling.


ENTECO E8018 heavy duty crane

The ENTECO E8018 is the smallest heavy duty crawler crane in the E8000 series, a range of heavy duty crawler cranes and heavy duty cranes mounted on barges with 18 - 200 ton lifting capacity.

Enteco piling and drilling standardised rigs series

The ENTECO standardised series of piling and drilling rigs all have the following...

Piling and drilling rigs series

The real protagonists of the production line of Piling & Drilling Rigs in ENTECO's new plant are 4 highly-innovative SERIES...

The Enteco E6050 and the exclusive LM kit

The ENTECO E6050 is a multi-purpose drilling rig which can be equipped with the innovative LM (LONG MAST) kit, offering high performance while guaranteeing a rig that is compact, lightweight and easy to transport.

Enteco at GEOFLUID 2016

GEOFLUID 2016 – 5/8 October 2016: the key words of the 21st international trade show in Piacenza (IT) are exclusivity and innovation.

Enteco new patented SP-JET

ENTECO New Patented SP-JET (Soil Displacement + Injection), intends to improve the penetration of the tool in difficult soils with the aid of high-pressure injection...

ENTECO presents its new SP-HG Kit (Hydraulic Grab)

The SP-HG Kit is a technological innovation by ENTECO which allows clients to construct diaphragm walls with their own E6050, or any other ENTECO drilling rig equipped with an SP Kit...

Enteco project at Venice Airport: The innovative SP-CS

The expansion of Venice’s “Marco Polo” International Airport (Italy) is just one of the latest large Foundation projects that has been successfully completed using Enteco machines.