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61-tonne steel construction for screening plant

In May, Höft GmbH, a provider of drum screening systems for classifying and cleaning bulk materials, presented the contract manufacturing department with a steel building project for the substructure of a large screening plant. The contract comprised the planning, design and manufacturing of the steel structure and static testing thereof. The screen is to be used in a quarry near Beilngries. At a length of almost 19 m, the frame has five grain fractions into which the rock is sorted by the drum screen on the 6m-high base. The 19 modules were each rigidly welded with 10mm-thick cover plates. When screwed together, the parts could exhibit scant play, so the construction had to be exact to the millimetre. Overall, the team from the contract manufacturing department used 61 tonnes of steel for the construction, which was delivered in August.

Source: Rädlinger Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH