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A professional in metal recycling - KESLA 2112T

In the yard of Kiteen Tarvemetalli in North Carelia (Finland) there are various types of machines working withing recycling of metals. The company picks up metal waste at the companies and farms in the nearby regions, assorts and transports them further as raw material for the smelting plants. One of the machines is refreshingly yellow KESLA 2112T crane. The crane’s task is mainly to pick up material and reloading the assorted materials for shipment.


The owner of the company Mr Jari Lievonen is visibly satisfied with the crane.

-The truck cranes of the company have been of KESLA brand since 1995. The KESLA cranes have proven to be very durable and reliable. Also Kesla, as a company, seems not only as distant producer but more like a reliable partner, that listens to the expectations and wishes of the client, states Lievonen. 

-The newest truck crane is equipped with the big KESLA proCAB Vision XL cabin. This was needed, as the crane is used from 4 to 6 hours at once. It requires comfortable conditions that only a cabin can offer. The cabin is well soundproofed which makes the noise level much lower than with a top seat. Of course, heating, air-conditioner and other handy accessories add up the ergnonomics of the cabin, Lievonen mentions and then adds also good visibility to the list.  

Previous crane of the company had mechanical control valve but as the ideological point of the company is constant renewal, this was again a new point to improve and choose electric IQAN control.

-To be honest, learning to use it was hard in the beginning, but now we could not imagine changing it back. Electric control is so much smoother and quieter. In addition it enables various ways to control with possibility to save several operator specific adjustments.

The roots of Kiteen Tarvemetalli derive thirty years back. Mr Aate Berg founded 1986  the Tarvemetalli A. Berg in Kitee. Later on his son-in-law Lievonen bought the business and changed the name to Kiteen Tarvemetalli Ky (limited partnership) and 2002 it was changed to limited company. The company works within metal recycling and within selling new sheet metal. The recycling covers about 60 % of the turnover. The company employs in average 6 persons including the owner.