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Kesla launches new control system for loaders and cranes

Kesla presents a new electric control system KESLA proC, suitable for both timber truck cranes and tractor-mounted loaders. The system has already been launched in Kesla’s home market Finland, with very positive feedback.

The KESLA proC is an electrical control system based on Parker Iqan hardware with CAN-bus. Software and wire harness are developed by Kesla. Any current controlled valve such as Parker or Walvoil is compatible with the system.

Easy adjustment of crane behavior according to the user needs and working conditions

The KESLA proC control system is very pleasant to use; Speed and progression are easily adjustable for each function, and response time is short. Adjustments can be made not only to sensibility but also to the slewing direction of the rotator. Individual settings for up to five operators with name can be memorized in the system, to ensure top performance for each operator. Adjustment of the total speed for actual working conditions can be done easily, with one push of the button.

The system is highly configurable for different applications, for example control of the grapple and extension can easily be changed from one joystick to another. The system is equipped with analog mini-joysticks, which can be calibrated. Reformed joystick has ergonomic design and the KESLA proC system itself has several features that facilitate the use. In case of a joystick break down, the crane can be controlled from the screen. 

Feeding voltage can be 12 or 24 V. The KESLA proC system comes with a very compact wire harness including all that is needed, plus possibility to expand the system later with new functions.

Also for after-market

The KESLA proC package can easily be installed also afterwards to an existing KESLA tractor loader equipped with an electric Parker or Walvoil control valve. The package includes versatile KESLA proC-control system, display module in the tractor cabin attached with suction cups, new super-ergonomic minijoysticks, and complete wire harness with 2 x switched external power outlets e.g. for working lights. The proC joysticks are available also with ergonomic armrests.