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The new generation of KESLA stroke harvesters

Kesla is a Finnish multitalent in forest technology, known for its wide range of high quality roller and stroke harvester heads. The KESLA SH-series stroke harvester heads have now been renewed to a totally new level. Focus in the renewal has been in performance, reliability, durability and economy. Result is to be seen on the KWF-exhibition Germany in June 2016.

Stroke harvesters suit for special needs
The stroke technology allows even a small base machine with hydraulic power to achieve large delimbing force. In practice they are best suited for excavator applications and processing of difficult branched trees or gentle handling of valuable trees. KESLA has been the global leader in the stroke harvesters for a long time and now with the new generation of the heads becomes even better.

- KESLA stroke harvester range includes two models – KESLA 20SH-II and 25SH-II, covering the range of excavators from 7 up to 15 tons size class, tells Marketing Director Mika Tahvanainen from Kesla. - Our stroke harvester heads have now gone through more than 50 changes – both improvements and totally new features, many of them familiar from roller feeding RH heads. The focus has been in performance, reliability, durability and economy. 

Performance in the new generation has improved with better oil flow, new proportional feeding valve and precise KESLA proLOG harvester control system. 

- The proLOG control system has been launched to the market last year and it has became a very important asset for our heads, tells Tahvanainen.

Also the new design of delimbing knives increases performance. Reliability and durability is gained by several technical changes that make the structure stronger. The new saw motor with anti-cavitation valve and over-speed limiter ensure the optimal running of the motor. Also new proportional feed control enables smoother operation and ensures longer lifetime. Economy comes not only for the longer life-time of the machine but also from technical solutions that save fuel, like the JPS R5500 saw. Kesla is the only manufacturer that offers JPS R5500 saw factory installed.

The generation II stroke harvesters from Kesla can be loaded with range of options unparalleled in its class, like topping saw, tilt floating valve, automatic chain tensioner, KESLA proLUBE chain oiler etc.