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KESLA truck cranes are now available with new proCAB Vision cabins

Especially in the Northern circumstances timber cranes are almost always used from a cabin. A cabin offers comfortable conditions for working no matter what the weather is like. KESLA cranes cabins have now been updated to KESLA proCAB vision models which offer even more comfortable working circumstance than the previous models.

Crane cabin available in two sizes

KESLA proCAB Vision models are available in two sizes; standard and extra large size. The latter has traditionally been used mainly with chippers although it seems to become more and more popular also with timber cranes.

KESLA proCAB Vision XL

The new Vision-version of the bigger cabin has increased dimensions than the previous models both inside and outside. The floor is even which increases the feeling of spaciousness and makes cleaning easier. Despite of the spaciousness, the slewing radius is smaller than before. The switches are positioned ergonomically. Visibility has increased with 45 % increase in the window area. Improved visibility increases productivity and safety. The soundproofing and 10 mm polycarbonate windows are respected in the chipper use. 

KESLA proCAB Vision

The new standard sized cabin is also more spacious as its predecessor but it still has the smallest slewing radius on the market. The visibility has improved thanks to big window area and optimized relocation of the windshield wiper motor allowing 28 % larger wiping area. Switches and panels are located ergonomically and seat has enhanced adjustment features. The cabin is equipped with Grammer S722 seat as standard but air suspension seat, mechanical suspension or KAB T4 seats are available as an option – even with armrests.

Both cabins have in common improved air quality thanks to F5 air filter. Filter size is bigger, which ensures also the longer life time of it. Also F9 filter is available as accessory. Latter prevents bacteria and moulds from entering into cabin and is recommended especially for the chipper use. Both cabins are available with water or diesel heater. Also cooling is available. In the XL model the air conditioning can be installed on the roof or in the frame structure of the cabin. In standard size cabin the air conditioner is installed onto the roof. As an alternative, also cooler device is available. In general, there are several rethought details that ease up everyday use of the cabin especially ergonomics and service wise.