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ABC ValueTec Asphalt-Mixing Plant

ABC ValueTec Asphalt Plants Make Appearance at bauma 2019

Ammann’s new ABC ValueTec Asphalt-Mixing Plant will be prominently displayed at bauma 2019 in Munich from April 8-14.


The ABC ValueTec plant is the perfect fit for business owners who want straightforward processes and the ability to further customise with options.

“These plants can range from very basic to much more advanced, depending on the needs and desires of the business owner,” said Peter Maurer, Global Commercial Manager for Asphalt Plants. “ABC ValueTec offers the lowest product life cycle cost of all plants in this segment. These plants are all about value.”

The batch plants also have recycling potential. “Customised options include components that enable utilisation of 25 to 40 per cent RAP,” said Martinho Fernandes, Commercial Manager for Ammann India. “There is a foam mix option for the production of energy-saving warm mix, and capabilities for liquid and solid additives that help the customer to adjust mixes to a specific design.”

Key to the plants is the intuitive CS100 Control System, tried and tested in the world’s toughest environments. The system provides efficiency during production and also delivers built-in statistical reports to uncover cost-saving opportunities.

Many of the plants’ features are also built around providing efficiency – and ultimately reducing costs and thereby improving profits.

A compact, modular four- or five-bin feeder ensures quick transport and assembly. The plants’ small footprint allows ABC ValueTec to fit into tight spaces.

The quality of mix is consistent from the feed stage thanks to a large storage capacity. Frequency controlled conveyers extending to the drum inlet chute ensure hassle-free material delivery. A simple, effective calibration system also provides essential support.

“Value is added throughout the production process,” said Peter Maurer. “For example, the low tipping heights for feeder bins eliminate the need for construction of expensive ramps. Instead, a loader can be used with a small ramp.”

The fully modulating burner features a simple, easy-to-adjust mechanism to set the air/fuel ratio for precise combustion and emissions control. The burner combines with the baghouse to ensure suspended particulate matter (SPM) levels are within limits and the carbon footprint is minimal.


Direct-coupled gear motors also add value by reducing fuel and maintenance costs. The counterflow dryer drum is compact, efficient and reliable.

Quality is boosted through a screen that uses vibratory motors, providing uniform distribution of aggregate on the screen mesh surface. Circular material movement and transverse transport between the two shafts ensure thorough mixing.

The plants also feature safety measures to protect plant personnel.

Ammann India supports the plants after the sale with quality, reliable parts. Service packages are available to ensure all maintenance is up to date.

A future-ready design ensures the seamless addition of upgrades.

“These plants are about value, from the purchase through the after-sales support – and every step in between,” Fernandes said.


Source: Amman