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Ammann as a full-liner is close to its customers around the world

Ammann positions itself as a full-liner in global markets with ecological, safe and market-driven products for road construction. Now managed by the sixth generation, the family-run Swiss company is developing new markets with a healthy growth strategy and targeted investments whilst strengthening and expanding its sales and service activities in established markets. Ammann‘s spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship have successfully sustained its market position for more than 145 years. The company will present its range of products for asphalt mixing, road paving and compacting at this year‘s Conexpo.


The focus lies on the Euro 3B (Tier 4) motorised compaction machines in the field of heavy ride-on rollers, as well as mixing plant concepts for high proportions of reclaimed asphalt (recycling). Ammann will use 210 m2 of exhibition space for the first ever presentation of a finisher, alongside products from the range for light to medium compaction work and detailed information on the highly mobile continuous asphalt mixing plant Prime 140.

Ammann is focusing on optimising its presence at a global and local level against a background of standardised products that are adaptable to suit the needs of each specific market. New organisations for production, sales and service recently established in Latin America, India, south-east Asia and South Africa clearly underscore the company‘s alignment. Many of the world‘s markets have a need for simple, robust and inexpensive products. Ammann accommodates these requirements in the form of a targeted alignment. Simple reversible compaction plates, the ASC 100 single drum roller, the AFT/W 350 – 500 paver and the asphalt mixing plants Prime and Just-Black are examples of products developed specifically for global markets.

Ammann‘s power of innovation and process know-how is renowned in established marketplaces. The demands placed on the use of recycled asphalt and permissible emission limits can increase depending on the market in question. In these cases, Ammann offers appropriate solutions in the form of new, market-driven mixing plant concepts based on a high proportion of reclaimed asphalt. Ammann also scores high in the machinery segment with the latest process measuring and control technology alongside user-oriented operating elements and cabin designs.

Market-driven technology and advanced process engineering coupled with a focus on local production, sales and service make Ammann a reliable partner with global customer proximity.

Asphalt mixing plants for every market demand

Ammann is focused on driving the further development of process engineering and process technology to meet the ever-growing demands from markets in various regions with regard to the use of reclaimed asphalt, emission reductions and plant mobility.

The company‘s efforts are based on the latest technological developments used in its innovative mixing plant concepts such as the Universal HRT (High Recycling Technology), the flexible and modular UniBatch model range and the EasyBatch 140 and Prime 140 range of mobile mixing plants. These technologies are also used in asphalt recycling processes as well as the latest generation of core components for dryers, filters, burners, screens and mixers. The components of Ammann plants that have an influence on the quality of asphalt production are proprietary developments manufactured at Ammann facilities in Switzerland (core components) and the downstream facilities in Germany, Italy, China, Brazil and India.

The latest mixing plant technology developed by Ammann guarantees maximum customer benefit – as demonstrated by this UniBatch 260 in İskenderun in Turkey.

In addition to concentrating on technological innovations in the fields of control and management systems, recycling, low-temperature asphalt, energy consumption, material wear and tear and fuel alternatives, Ammann is maintaining a strong focus on expanding and intensifying its global sales and service network. Ammann is always close to its customers no matter where they are in the world!

Ammann compaction machines and asphalt pavers meet the strictest requirements and standards

Last year, Ammann undertook its biggest market launch to date in the field of heavy compaction machinery. The implementation of the latest engine technology throughout the product range of ride-on rollers was accompanied by a complete review of the entire product range with regard to industrial design, ergonomics and operation. All single drum rollers, pneumatic tyred rollers, and articulated and pivot-steering tandem rollers are equipped with Tier4i Euro 3B engines to meet the strictest emission standards and the modern demands placed on ergonomics, safety and operating efficiency.

Ammann is the only manufacturer worldwide to add features to medium-range rollers that until now were familiar only from large roller models: ACEforce compaction measurement and a temperature measuring device. Ammann will also present the new Rammax 1575 CI, the pivot-steering counterpart to the proven, skid-steered Rammax 1585 trench roller. It underscores Ammann‘s position as a specialist for trench rollers and rounds off the world‘s most comprehensive programme offering both steering concepts.

Ammann‘s investments in its new asphalt paver range have led to pleasing market share increases in various regions. Ammann‘s customary high product quality, robustness and reliability, even under arduous operating conditions, and the efficiency of its pavers have convinced customers around the globe.

Ammann‘s machine product range offers market-driven solutions to suit every requirement.

Ammann do Brasil successfully established in the Latin American marketplace

Ammann continues to pursue its expansion strategy to grow from an international to a global provider of road construction equipment and has invested in a new plant in Gravataí, situated in the agglomeration of the southern Brazilian metropolis of Porto Alegre. Following its official opening in April 2013, the 40-strong team in Brazil is already successfully cultivating the Latin American market. The Brazilian unit Ammann do Brasil is responsible for marketing the entire range of Ammann products in Latin America – from Mexico across the entire Caribbean to Tierra del Fuego at the southern-most tip of Argentina – and will also provide customer care through its own Service Team. The mid-term strategy is to produce several dozen asphalt mixing plants of the Prime 140 type at the plant each year alongside pavers and compaction machinery.

The Prime 140 is the result of a cooperation between mixing plant specialists from the parent company in Switzerland and engineers from Germany and Brazil. The Prime 140 also incorporates the core component concept: every element of a mixing plant with an impact on the quality of the asphalt produced by the plant is supplied by the parent company in Switzerland. The Prime is Ammann‘s first model developed specifically for the road-mobile continuous asphalt mixing plant segment. The main markets for this specific mixing plant type are: Brazil, Latin America, Africa, south-east Asia and a number of European markets – the Prime is therefore a model for markets around the world. It has already been sold to various customers in Mexico, Angola, South Africa, Russia and Brazil.

The pavers already have a foot in the door in Latin America just a few months after the launch of Ammann do Brasil.

Source: wyynot GmbH, Ammann GmbH