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APA Series from Ammann Upgraded with ACE technology

First Add-On Compactors with Intelligent Compaction Control


Ammann Compaction Expert (ACE), a proprietary Intelligent Compaction system, is a common feature on Ammann vibratory plate compactors. The Swiss manufacturer is now extending the scope to include its heavy add-on compactors.

Previously, operators levelling a surface or compacting pipe trenches with an add-on compactor had to rely exclusively on their experience. That's because excavators did not offer an option that displayed the compactor's actual compaction performance. Avoiding too little or too much compaction was the task of the operator alone.

More Certainty

Ammann now offers ACE for its heavy APA 75/74 and 100/88 Add-On Compactors, which are suitable for excavators weighing 10 to 40 tonnes. The new tool consists of an acceleration sensor and an evaluation unit and gives the operator certainty with regard to compaction performance.

The acceleration sensor is integrated into the add-on compactor's housing, where it is virtually invisible and unbreakable. It reports the base plate's measured acceleration value to the evaluation unit during operation. An algorithm patented by Ammann calculates whether the pressure applied by the add-on compactor is adequate, too high or too low and emits a signal when local compaction is complete.

Smart and Always at Hand

All the operator needs to receive the notification is his smartphone or tablet and a free Ammann app that is currently available for Android devices. The evaluation unit continuously transmits information about the compaction performance to the app. Simple symbols and colour codes, such as a yellow arrow pointing upward or a blue arrow pointing downward, clearly indicate whether compaction pressure needs to be adjusted. When the operator sees a green arrow, he knows that compaction is complete, and he can move to another area. The display also clearly indicates the add-on compactor's frequency and number of operating hours.

Visual and Acoustic

The display is visible from the corner of the operator’s eye. The app also emits acoustic signals, so there is no need to focus on the smartphone or tablet. Instead, the operator can concentrate completely on his work.

Both the sensor and the evaluation unit run on powerful batteries that last for at least six years, even under intensive use.

This smart compaction control system makes working with Ammann's heavy add-on compactors much more enjoyable while also providing a significant quality boost. Ammann will present this innovative development for the first time at bauma 2019 in Munich.

Source: Ammann Switzerland Ltd