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BEDNAR FMT, a progressive manufacturer from the Czech Republic presented 4 newcomers for 2014 at the Agritechnika exhibition.  The most important additions were the brand new combi seed drill OMEGA, system of soil fertilization with large volume hopper Ferti-Box, the robust ATLAS HO disk harrow (a totally new concept) and the TERRALAND DO combined machine (discs and tines) which uses ridge-till technology.


With the presentation of the OMEGA seeders and the large-volume hopper Ferti-Box BEDNAR FMT entered the market segment of seeders and machines for the application of fertilisers; by taking this step the manufacturer´s range has a significantly more all round feel to it. Another huge change was leaving the old STROM brand name behind, a name that had been used for the previous 16 years. The transition to the exclusive use of the new BEDNAR trademark, which was the result of structural changes in the year 2012, is complete. The last of the major developments was the completion of new modern production facilities. "We carefully monitor the agronomic needs and apply them to new machines. Thanks to the new modern production facility we are able to technically and technologically transform our ideas into machines. By combining the agronomic ideas and the technical possibilities, new products with innovative features may be created that help advance the performance and quality of work in practice.” comments the export manager Jan Bednar on the innovative portfolio.

A photo of the new BEDNAR logo - this year BEDNAR moves on from its transition logo to the exclusive BEDNAR logo.

Smashing sales records yet again

BEDNAR FMT s.r.o. has managed to increase its annual sales by 32%. This increase was achieved mainly due to the successful introduction of the SwifterDisc XO_F disc cultivators and the universal Fenix FO cultivators which were completed by the mounted Fenix FN model in the year 2013. The results show that the company has expanded by 54% from the year 2011 to 2013.  This significant increase can also be put down to entering new markets - this year BEDNAR entered the French market, which is likely to contribute significantly to further future growth. "Significant investments into the manufacturing plant enabled us to increase our production capacity, so we were able to meet the demands for our technology." said Vojtech Bednar, Director of Production BEDNAR FMT s r.o.

A photo of the plant - this year the construction of the new modern factory buildings was completed, which almost doubles BEDNAR’s production capacity.

New combi-OMEGA seeders

The biggest news was the presentation of the combined Omega OO and Omega OO_Ferti (with fertilization) seeders. BEDNAR OMEGA seeders are universal seeding machines with disc preparation of the soil to allow seeding of different types of crops at high seeding rate variations by using both the traditional method (ploughing) and minimization systems. The lightweight design of the OMEGA OO seeder allows you to use the machine in early spring. Moreover, the OMEGA FERTI model comes equipped with the option of fertilization. The hydraulic pressure, which is applied to the two disc openers, guarantees seeding in the most demanding conditions. Thanks to the PSP system (Precise Seed Placement) the disc openers place the seed at an identical depth across the entire width of the machine and perfectly contour the bumps in the longitudinal and transverse directions.

A photo of the Omega - the main addition to the production programme is the combined OMEGA seeder, the OMEGA OO_FERTI with fertilization, which will be offered in working widths of 3 to 8 meters. The company’s offer also includes the OMEGA OO without fertilization.

The ATLAS HO for a new dimension to discing

Another newcomer is a robust disc harrow with a unique pattern of working elements. The BEDNAR ATLAS HO is a heavy, compact, short disc cultivator of robust construction (660 mm diameter discs) designed for stubble cultivation down to 18 cm with a large amount of post-harvest residue, deep stubble cultivation and stubble cultivation in heavy and dry soils. X-precise, the new X-setting for the disc section that has the ability to adjust the working angle of the front disc row, enables it to follow the tractor tracks precisely. The integrated axle ensures stability even at high speeds. The concept of this machine is a totally new and innovative solution.

A photo of the Atlas - A new dimension to X disc cultivating performed by the ATLAS HO. The arrangement of the sections in an X shape (X-precise) is completed by the angle adjustment system of the front section (Cross Control)

Large-volume hopper FERTIBOX

BEDNAR FERTI-BOX is primarily designed to place the fertiliser directly into the soil profile. The Ferti-Box is attached to the tractor using a 3-point hitch (cat. 3 and 4). The hopper is equipped with a separate frame to which one of the soil tillage machines is attached (Terraland TO, Terraland DO, Fenix FO). The fertiliser (seed) is transported pneumatically from the hopper to the application end of the tillage machine. The ends can be adjusted to a different application depth depending on the agronomic requirements to position the fertiliser.

A photo of the Fertibox - A pleasant surprise is the FERTI-BOX hopper for direct fertilization that achieves impressive volumes of 4,400 litres.

Combined Terraland DO machine

The latest addition is the two-step combined cultivator.  The TERRALAND DO is a robust combined (discs and tines) machine which can cut and till a large amount of post-harvest residue in one pass (660 mm discs) and mix them thoroughly with soil broken up to max. 45 cm deep (two rows of tines with chisels with an adjustable angle). Accessories include the Ridge-Till kit (ridge tilling discs) which helps you create ridges before the winter to improve the preservation of winter moisture. In summer, use a heavy packer (Cutpack) instead which seals the soil to prevent it from drying out. The machine can also be used with a Ferti-box for the ridges (37.5 cm x 75 cm) or along the width.