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Berthoud – Apache by ET partnership

Apache by ET is the largest manufacturer of mechanical drive self-propelled sprayers in the world. The company was founded in 1996 and is operating out of a 168,000 square foot headquarters in Indiana. In United States, Apache by ET distributes through both a direct sales force of in-house dealerships: High Plains Apache, Ohio Valley Ag, Southern Application Management, and Midwest Application as well as through independent dealers in North America. Apache by ET employs 160 people for an average turnover of 90 MUSD. The company was acquired by Exel Industries in January 2016.


Berthoud is one of the most recognized spraying specialists in the world, designing, manufacturing and selling a large range of lift, trailed & self-propelled sprayers for Field crops, Vineyard & Orchards. Berthoud sprayers are distributed through an extensive dealer network in more than 50 countries in the world. The company was founded in 1895 and employs 220 people for an average turnover of 50 MEUR. Berthoud was one of the first companies to join Exel Industries in 1987.

Apache by ET and Berthoud self-propelled product range are complementary. Apache by ET offers a complete range of mechanical drive self propelled sprayers recognized for best in class power at wheels offering an excellent maneuverability in most difficult working conditions, simplicity of maintenance, low cost of ownership and strong resale value. Berthoud is a specialist of hydrostatic transmission self-propelled sprayers with high and variable ground clearance enabling the farmers to operate with high precision whatever the height of the crop.

Apache by ET and Berthoud distribution networks are complementary, Apache by ET selling mostly in North America and Berthoud distributing largely its sprayers in Europe and CIS countries.

Taking the advantage of getting complementary products and distribution networks, Apache by ET and Berthoud have set-up a strategic partnership for the distribution and the service of their products over the world:

  • Berthoud hydrostatic self propelled-sprayers are sold and serviced through Apache distribution network in North America. The products have been branded and are sold under “Bruin” name in United States & Canada.

  • The sales and the service of Apache mechanical drive self-propelled are supported by extended Berthoud sales, marketing and service teams in Europe and CIS countries