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VANTAGE, the new trailed sprayer from BERTHOUD

During the SIMA 2017, the new trailed sprayer VANTAGE has been awarded “Machine of the Year 2017” by the European press.


The VANTAGE is a high-specification, trailed sprayer. This new trailed sprayer has an original design that stands out from the other trailed models by its DARK colour and style and is inspired by the BERTHOUD tradition.

The VANTAGE has all the fundamentals of the brand: ACTIFLEX II axle suspension, DUALMATIC operation and its motorized version DUALELEC, as well as the BERTHOUD boom range.

It provides an answer to customers looking for a "made-to-measure" spraying solution adapted to their farm and their crops.

In addition, it provides access to ISOBUS technology either with the BERTHOUD VT TRONIC touchscreen or directly on the virtual screen of the tractor.

"The VANTAGE is the sprayer for farmers who want to combine application precision, high working speed and comfort," says François-Xavier JANIN, head of products at BERTHOUD Crops. "This concept reveals a new facet of the BERTHOUD brand in the high-specification trailed sprayers market.”

BERTHOUD fundamentals as standard

The VANTAGE inherits the strong personality of the BERTHOUD range of trailed sprayers, its low centre of gravity and its advanced tank design keeps the machine compact insuring great handling and stability both on the road and in the field, all of this while naturally limiting residual volumes.

Resolutely BERTHOUD with its new lines, the VANTAGE clearly displays its character: a fully equipped machine for ease and comfort of use.

It has all the assets that have made the ranges a success: tried and tested equipment such as the OMEGA pump, the ACTIFLEX II axle suspension and simplicity of operation with the BERLOGIC Panel.

The design - a successful alliance between dynamics and robustness

The VANTAGE design brings together the compactness of a machine with integrated equipment and ergonomics facilitating access to the machine components.

All of the hoods have been designed in RIM (Reaction Injection Molding - high resistance plastic) in order to provide optimal protection of the sprayer features (hopper, valves block, etc.).

The original personality of the BERTHOUD VANTAGE is also to be seen in its style. The combination of the DARK colour series (already known from the RAPTOR AS range) and the elongated tank line give the new trailed sprayer a sporty, technical look with a low centre of gravity.

VANTAGE adapts to each need, to each farm

The new VANTAGE range of trailed sprayers consists of 5 models of 2800, 3500, 4300 and 5500 and 6700 litres that can be fitted with 5 boom types ranging from 24 to 44 m (AXIALE II, KONDOR, EKTAR B2, EKTAR B3 and AXIALE 36/38).