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HERMES: a masterpiece of intelligence

BERTHOUD is all set to unveil its new line of HERMES tractor-mounted sprayers.


With this new tractor-mounted sprayer, BERTHOUD is making a big leap forward.

HERMES stands out with a design that is both sleek and practical and a new generation ALSR boom designed by BERTHOUD that offers high compactness and excellent working stability. In addition, HERMES packs exclusive innovations that provide unprecedented comfort and safety for the operator, such as the new patented EcoMatic operation.

Available in 3 capacities (800, 1000 and 1200 litres) with booms of 15, 16 and 18 metres, HERMES completes the BERTHOUD range of tractor-mounted sprayers: ALTO (300, 400, 600 and 800 litres) and ELYTE (1,000, 1200 and 1600 litres).

New generation tractor-mounted sprayer

The new HERMES tractor-mounted sprayer features a stylishly modern and compact design. Compared to previous generations, it gains 30 centimetres (180 to 150cms) in overhang and 9 centimetres (274 to 265cms) in height over the current FORCE II 800 litres with the 15mt Multis boom.

Its optimised weight and centre of gravity (closer to the tractor) improve weight distribution on the tractor, thereby ensuring better balance. This allows the HERMES sprayer to be used on smaller tractors while maintaining a compact sprayer with rear-folding booms.

ALSR rear-folding boom: compact and stable

The new HERMES tractor-mounted sprayer is equipped with a new range of ALSR rear-folding booms of 15, 16 or 18 metres.

This new boom with 3 steel arms benefits from BERTHOUD's wealth of expertise: The suspension incorporates the AXIALE central pivot system, giving the boom excellent stability and great performance on slopes, when turning and on flat land. Robust and compact due to its "L" structure, it complies with the regulatory road width of 2.55 m.

An innovative EcoMatic operation unique on the market

Fitted as standard on the HERMES range, EcoMatic operation completes BERTHOUD's new tractor-mounted specification.

This new innovation lies in the assembly of functioning valves fitted directly onto the body of the GAMA spray pump and its unique easy to operate control unit.

Usually function valves are separate and are connected to the pump by a set of pipes, which results in substantial residual volumes as well as multiple valves, depending on the number of functions.

This last point greatly complicates the use of the machine and can unfortunately lead to handling errors.

With EcoMatic, the function valves are directly attached to the pump, which eliminates the need for connecting pipes that are necessary on conventional systems, thereby reducing residual volumes.

Moreover, the entire valve block is made of aluminium for a long service life.

The valve block design allows functions to be added after the machine has been put into service by simply increasing the number of valves, while having just a single control for the operator.

The single control also allows for a simple and economic motorisation of the functions with easy access for the operator.

Rinsing is a crucial step in the spraying operation, thorough rinsing of the machine must be done to avoid any risk of contamination and possible crop damage and limiting chemical contact during maintenance.

For this, EcoMatic offers the user the option to follow a simple, pre-defined sequential rinse procedure, even in the manual version.

HERMES is tailored for every need, every farm

The new HERMES tractor-mounted sprayer comes in 3 models (800, 1000 and 1200 litres) with three ALSR boom widths (15, 16 or 18 metres).

It is available in two regulation versions: DPAE and DPM associated with new units.