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RAPTOR: uncompromising adaptation to crops

Eight years after the launch of the RAPTOR, over 500 of which have been sold worldwide, BERTHOUD is updating its range of self-propelled sprayers and is please to reveal the New 2017 RAPTOR.


This new generation has pulled out all the stops. Its style stands out, higher performance with the elegance expected from BERTHOUD. The agility of its new transmission provides more driving pleasure and optimises fuel consumption. New options, such as hydraulic ground clearance, guarantee a high level of customisation and adaptation to each crop type.

RAPTOR maintains the width of its range with 8 different models (central cab front-mounted boom - front cab rear-mounted boom - central cab rear-mounted boom).

The new RAPTOR was unveiled in April 2016. Long awaited by the market, the range differs by its extent (8 different models in the catalogue) and its ability to meet the needs of each user.

It answers the needs of a demanding clientele looking for high working speed combined with comfort and safety of the operator at work with numerous plus points.

Whether through its new BOSCH REXROTH hydrostatic transmission (which now has the standard ECO Mode) or by its new cabin (ROPS approved and meeting air filtration category 4), the aim of the new RAPTOR is to establish itself immediately as a key player.

A truly personal tool, the Raptor is specific to individual farming needs.

The new RAPTOR improves its adaptation to crop types since, in addition to the optional variable hydraulic track (except on the 2540); it now has optional hydraulic ground clearance on the 4200-litre central cab version module, with clearance from 1.25 to 1.8 m.

This option is available on tracks 2.25 m to 2.70 m - 2.40 m -3.05 m, mechanical or hydraulic. It is based on a compass system that allows it to work at any height in the range.