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Carer forklifts up to 12 tons for container handling

Carer forklift & Carer forklift
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Carer forklift & Carer forklift

To load and unload goods inside containers, it is necessary to have large capacity machines, but with dimensions and performance that are suitable for extremely confined spaces. For this need, Carer has created the electric trucks of K series, with capacities from 4.5 up to 12 tons.


Carer's constant commitment to meet the more specific operational needs of its customers is further confirmed by the production of electric trucks of K series, expressly designed and developed to access containers. The Italian company, world leader in the production of large-capacity electric forklifts, is able to provide low-profile vehicles, which are able to enter completely inside containers for loading and unloading goods.

These vehicles, the result of Carer's avant-garde technological research, have capacities from 4.5 to 12 tons: they have been designed to speed up material handling operations in total safety for the operator and guarantee maximum protection for the loads to be handled even within the very narrow spaces that characterize the internal parts of the containers. Thanks to the specific characteristics of K series trucks, in fact, the loads no longer have to be "pushed" or dragged "inside containers: all this avoids any type of damage and guarantees further economic savings, which is added to greater productivity, ensured by better handling of movements.

K series includes the following types of trucks:


• KR45-80H² with capacities from 4.5 to 8 tons, 80 Volt battery and load center @ 600 mm;

• KF60-90H² and KF60-90HD² with capacities from 6 to 9 tons, 96 Volt battery and load center @ 600 mm;

• KF80-100H² with capacities from 8 to 10 tons, 96 Volt battery and load center @ 900 mm for the 8 ton model and @ 600 mm for the 9 and 10 ton models;

• K100-120ZH with capacities from 10 to 12 tons, 96 Volt battery and load center @ 600 mm.

Due to these characteristics, Carer K series electric trucks ensure high performance even in very challenging work environments and constitute a valid and safe alternative for the material handling of goods stowed inside containers.

Source: Carer Srl.