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CLG: Clever. Light. Guided. Fliegl’s dolly revolution

Mechanics is logical. Mechanics is reliable. Mechanics is sustainable. That's why Fliegl Trailer relies on mechanical solutions. In the case of the CLG Dolly, you could call it a revolution: It tips the scale at half the weight of other dollies at only 1300 kg and features simple technology based on effective use of the laws of physics. Fliegl's CLG works without hydraulics, electronics or steering axles.


At the transport logistic fair, Fliegl Trailer is exhibiting a CLG Mega Dolly with a net weight of only about 1300 kg. One feature that sets this dolly apart is its coupling height of from 920 to 950 mm, which helps the compact, flat dolly maintain the statutory height limit of 4 metres. A coupling height of 1150 mm for standard trailers is also possible. Practical: When travelling with no load, a removable tarpaulin collects splashed water between the quarter shell mudguards.

The CLG principle: A rigid under-coupled drawbar joins the CLG dolly to the tractor vehicle - using conventional type couplings. The stable slewing ring prevents the semi-trailer from swaying. With the extended traction bar and pivot point moved far back to the rear, Fliegl has optimised handling. When driving the required turning radius (§32 StVZO), the entire train of vehicles remains well  within the line with all wheels. There is even about a half metre of extra space. When cornering, the truck "pushes" the dolly to the outside against its steering angle. The dolly follows the radius of the truck exactly. While systems that respond slowly require a control unit which is itself susceptible to failure, the CLG Dolly transfers the movement of the motor vehicle directly and 1:1 to the semi- trailer – even in S curves, which cause problems for slowly responding systems. Reversing is also uncomplicated and requires no preparation, while other dollies first have to be positioned and locked in place. Deactivating the steering from 40 km/h is also not an issue for Fliegl's new dolly. The drawbar which joins the dolly to the truck is removable (e.g. for platform loading), and the CLG dolly can be securely parked using the support jack.

Fliegl's CLG: mechanical, maintenance-free, extremely light, flat and unbelievably simple. CLG: Clever. Light. Guided.

Fliegl exclusive: Each individual axle of every trailer is calibrated by laser. The trailers run with exact tracking, no unnecessary tyre wear and lower fuel consumption. Trailer efficiency defined by Fliegl. From roof to wheels: well thought out vehicle concepts from start to finish. 


Source: Fliegl Fahrzeugbau GmbH