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FBP 3135 with film binding

Maximise your silage quality at the lowest cost!


Since the introduction of two-reel film binding on the i-BIO+ in 2015, farmers all over the world have experienced the advantages of this unique system on their farms. Now, we are proud to introduce this film binding option on the FBP 3135, for film binding without any compromises.

  • The KUHN approach; the patented* KUHN film binding system reduces the film consumption and therefore costs by 30% compared to wide mantle film. The key for this saving is the usage of two regular 750 mm stretch film rolls with a standard stretch ratio. This also increases the roll change intervals by up to 30%. The regular film rolls enable easy change of the film, as the spools weigh approx. 27 kg, compared to the >40 kg that wide mantle film weighs. Inventory management has never so easy with only one type of film needing to be purchased for both binding and wrapping. To guarantee a secure binding start, the two reels start in a vertical position to create two strings of film which are applied on top of the bale. After tilting to a horizontal position, the wrap covers the full width of the bale after just half a rotation – much quicker when compared to conventional wide mantle film, thus bringing additional film savings.

  • To avoid film damage and to ensure a perfect binding, the KUHN FBP 3135 has a specially adapted bale chamber and transfer system. For example, the loading arms of the bale transfer system are equipped with smooth rollers to prevent film damage during the bale transfer.

  • Maximising productivity and avoiding down-time with the standard features on the KUHN FBP 3135. The intake unit features a fully automatic rotor DEBLOCK function, to clear a rotor blockage from the tractor seat. All knives are automatically cleaned after an interval which can be set from the control terminal. Changing from net to film binding can be done without actually changing the film and net rolls on the machine, so no time is wasted.


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    Create a perfect bale seal, when combining film binding with both 3D wrapping and INTELLIWRAP. Because regular stretch film is used, the tack on this film makes that the 3D wrapping system is an extension of the film binding. The two systems apply the film where its most needed, on the cylindrical side and right to the corners of the bale. The tack ensures that both layers are glued together, creating a perfect seal. After the 3D cycle, 80% of the bale is covered in film, the conventional wrapping cycle ensures that 100% of the bale is sealed in stretch film. The film applied to the cylindrical side, further improves the storage characteristics, as the KUHN FBP bales retain their shape, even after long storage periods. To match local circumstances, crop conditions and storage periods, INTELLIWRAP provides the choice and control of the number of film layers (4,5,6,7,8,9,etc).

  • Operator comfort and maximum control are guaranteed using the new PROCESS VIEW user interface on the ISOBUS controller. The user interface conveniently shows the different processes within the machine, where every separate process can be paused and restarted at any time. 

Source: KUHN S.A

Kuhn FBP 3135 Kombi on LECTURA Specs


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