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Fliegl I-Lock: patented door lock

With its new I-Lock (the I stands for integrated), Fliegl has done away with a component that is not needed: Instead of a mating part for locking mounted on the vehicle, the hooks of the door wing now gripdirectly into a recess in the vehicle frame. This innovation sets new standards in ease of use and safety: The handle always remains in the correct position and the door can be closed immediately without being "threaded in". The risk of damage is minimum and the handle itself is easy to replace if necessary. I-Lock saves time and money for repairs and replacement parts. The new Fliegl rear is indestructible because it makes do without the parts in earlier systems that could be damaged.


Save energy and prevent damage during loading and unloading processes. The focus of this unique, patented door lock solution is on these two aspects:

Minimum effort required during opening and closing

Lock integrated in the frame:

  • the risk of damage is virtually ruled out

  • Fewer components – less wear

In 2019, Fliegl, from the highly creative state of Thuringia, won the coveted iF Design-Award in the category “Product” for the development of its I-Lock system, which was presented to the public for the first time in 2018.

The iF International Forum Design GmbH describes the idea as follows: “These door locks, reduced to the essentials, are an example of clear design from Thuringia, the birthplace of the Bauhaus school. The rear doors close more

easily and securely (form follows function). The I-Lock replaces attached locking elements with door wing hooks which grip directly into a recess in the vehicle frame. The I-Lock saves time, repairs and money for replacement parts. It also ensures easy monitoring via Safe-Lock theft protection. A sensor detects the door status and triggers an alarm in the event of (unauthorised) opening. New design with value-added function.”

Form follows function: one of the oldest and most important principles for any design engineer. At the same time, it is one of the most binding rules for achieving optimum utility value.

Once again, with the I-Lock from Fliegl, a simple object with almost revolutionary potential, we have an innovation from the Thuringian think tank. And once again, the Thuringian company from Triptis proves that you don’t need huge budgets and development departments to produce creative ideas. As this innovation shows, all you need is an understanding of the practical requirements and the courage to explore new horizons. With this outstanding idea, Fliegl, as an award-winning pioneer, once again unites simple functionality and sturdy design.

I-Lock is monitored by Fliegl Safe-Lock, a (telematic) system for theft protection. A sensor on the handle records the status of the door (open/closed) and reports it to a module that triggers a visual and acoustic alarm immediately if necessary: The vehicle's side marker lights and a separate siren are activated. The alarm can be deactivated at any time by wireless remote control. The batteries of the Safe-Lock module are integrated into the circuit of the vehicle so that they work without being further connected to the tractor vehicle. They charge independently while driving and have an operating duration of about two weeks with no recharging.

Safe-Lock is available with three options:

  • Basic: visual warning signal via vehicle lighting

  • Basic plus: visual warning signal and acoustic alarm

  • Premium: door opening times are saved with each location, data is transferred automatically, seamless documentation is available for package services or cash in transit, etc. (in combination with the corresponding telematic or data transfer system) Safe-Lock is compatible with conventional telematic systems, which makes linking and networking possible. The new Safe-Lock, developed internally by Fliegl, keeps an eye on vehicles and goods everywhere and at all times.

Fliegl exclusive: Each individual axle of every trailer is calibrated by laser. The trailers run with exact tracking, no unnecessary tyre wear and lower fuel consumption. Trailer efficiency defined by Fliegl. From roof to wheels: well thought out vehicle concepts from start to finish. 


Source: Fliegl Fahrzeugbau GmbH