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Front-mounted fertilizer with electric drive

In addition to their planters with electric drive, MONOSEM will be exhibiting on their stand at Agritechnica (Hall 11, Stand C53) a front-mounted fertilizer equipped with an electrically driven metering system.

Electrically driven metering system


The metering system drive is ensured by an electric motor driven by the Isobus calculator (ECU). A radar, fixed on the front-mounted fertilizer transmits speed information to the ECU enabling a high precision automatic regulation. The absence of a drive wheel simplifies the use of the front-mounted fertilizer when cultivating. Besides the fact that you can continuously adjust the quantity of fertilizer distributed, the electric drive is equipped with the metering anticipation function for perfect field starts. This function, activated by pressing a key, enables a pre-load of the hopper with fertilizer to compensate the time necessary between the starting up of the front-mounted fertilizer and the moment when the fertilizer product arrives in the tines, thus avoiding zones that would not have been fertilized upon the starting up.

Control with Isobus terminal

The front-mounted fertilizer with electric drive operates under the Isobus standard, the adjustment of the fertilizer flow is thus made via an Isobus terminal (CS 8000, CS 8000 Touch, CS 8000 Touch Mini, or tractor terminal if compatible). In the tractor cab, the operator can now adjust the quantity of fertilizer product that is spread, check the correct turbofan speed thanks to the rotation speed displayed on the terminal and receive information concerning the level of fertilizer product due to the hopper sensor. In the case of use with a planter with electric drive, i.e. Monoshox® NG Plus ME or MECA V4E, the same terminal can drive the front fertilizer and the precision planter.

Stainless steel, easily removed metering system

Specially designed for fertilizer spreading, the front fertilizer has a new metering unit. As with the mechanical drive model, it is entirely in stainless steel and has an integrated agitator. It differs, however, with regards to the easily dismantled, no need for tools, dosing wheel which enables a rapid adaption to the products. The closing trapdoors, placed above the metering system, enable the dismantling of the metering system with a full hopper. The system also has an emptying trapdoor.

With the electric drive, MONOSEM adds comfort, precision and extra functions to their front-mounted fertilizer hoppers and can now propose a complete fertilizer-planter unit entirely electric.