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GIGANTE PRESSURE – NO TILL pneumatic seed drills

Gigante pressure is a pneumatic seed drill designed for no-till and minimum-tillage conditions.


The no-till drill units are indipendent and reinforced for better durability and efficiency. The quality of the seeding is guaranteed by the new coulter with exclusive profile for an excellent soil penetration and higher wear resistance. Thanks to two independent single springs, the unit achieves a uniform seeding depth and a proper seed trench closure.

The trailed frame is ideal for a high element down pressure (up to 250 kg) and for an easy tractor pulling, to reduces power needed.

The new pressured hopper guarantees better seed distribution and reduces fan power required (less machine wear), even on hilly fields.

For a great seed emergency, Gigante Pressure is equipped for seed and fertilizer distribution. The hopper carries 60% seed – 40% fertilizer and, thanks to the easy distributor roller, it is adjustable for various kind of seeds, measures and shapes.

The GENIUS electrical drive transmission and the GPS speed detection system improve the maximum precision and efficiency for a better result.

For the transport on road, the hydraulic folding frame allows a compact width of 3 meters.