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Heavy Metal for the Hardest Jobs

Severe-Duty Bucket by Lehnhoff


Only recently, 13 heavy duty backhoe buckets for large excavators have left the Lehnhoff headquarters in Baden-Baden and are now on their way to a special client. All these buckets are of the HTL 80 model and are now transported to their future work place. As soon as they have reached their destination and are coupled to 130-ton excavators, they will be ready to digg through hard, solid rock and stones.

For several decades now, the Lehnhoff engineers work on heavy-duty backhoe buckets. In close exchange with their clients, for example, they developed special equipment made from high carbon steels for components usually exposed to increased wear which can be mounted to the backhoe bucket depending on each customer’s individual requirements. That way, the especially robust severe-duty buckets have emerged, being used for the most challenging tasks in quarries and mines around the world. The construction of these giants containing up to 7.5 cubic meters is already impressive: the bucket body is made of special high carbon steels in the hardness 400 and 500 HB. Additionally, the severe-duty version features particularly resistant shrouds at the cutting edges and sidewalls as well as wear shoes at the corners, which protect the bucket on the bottom from abrasive rock.

Thanks to their robust construction and the use of selected steels, the buckets withstand maximum breakout forces when digging out, loosening, or loading natural soil on large construction sites or blasted rock in quarries. Given that the form of a bucket is a decisive factor with regard to efficiency, Lehnhoff focuses immensely on an ideal form. Due to the long bucket bottom and the double conical built, the HTL backhoe buckets HTL 80 shine with an ideal digging resistance at each stage.

With regard to the cutting edges, the customer can choose between straight, pointed and trapezoidal ones. The backhoe bucket HTL80 is preferentially coupled to a hydraulic Lehnhoff quickcoupler HS100 or the biggest fully hydraulic quickcoupler worldwide, Variolock VL 1000. Yet, a direct suspension is also possible, if the customer prefers it. If used in combination with the Variolock quickcoupler, the change from a demolition hammer to a HD backhoe bucket can be done within minutes. Thus, it guarantees fast and efficient working processes even at large construction sites or extraction and mining operations.

The HTL backhoe buckets are proof for the expertise of Lehnhoff: the clever combination of high carbon steels in conjunction with the distortion-free welding construction and the unique weld seam quality turns these high-performance backhoe buckets into heavy workers even when confronted with the hardest materials.

Source: Lehnhoff Hartstahl