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Avatar 4 SD

HORSCH Avatar SD – Direct seed drill now also available with working widths starting at 3 m

The Avatar 3 and 4 SD is a compact seed drill that is ideal for direct seeding or catch crop populations. More importantly, in cases of black grass resistance, the Avatar contributes to prevent the black grass from germinating due to the low disturbance of the seedbed when sowing with the single disc coulter.

Avatar 4 SD


Based on the good experiences with the Avatar 6-12 SD and SW a 3 and 4 metre version will now be available. With its single disc coulter SingleDisc the Avatar is ideal for direct seeding. The coulter pressure of up to 310 kg, when the hopper is empty, guarantees a safe penetration of the soil. The depth control wheel of the coulter is located directly at the seed coulter. Thus, the coulter is able to constantly maintain the adjusted sowing depth even in uneven soils. A press wheel firms the soil and a closing wheel covers the seed with soil.

Due to the 2-bar design there are no blockings despite a row spacing of 16.7 cm. For the farmer this means an increased operational reliability even if there are a lot of harvest residues respectively intensive catch crop populations.

The large transport wheels behind the seed coulters prevent un-necessary consolidation in the seedbed and guarantees a safe road transport.

Avatar 4 SD

In very hard soils additional weights can be added to guarantee a safe forming of the furrow and a safe placement of the seed.

The hopper capacity is 2,800 litres. With the double hopper version (3,800 litres) seed and fertiliser (G & F) can be applied simultaneously. A micro-granular unit (200 litres) is available to apply another component. The micro-granular unit can be combined with the single hopper version.

The machine is controlled and monitored by a standard ISOBUS terminal.

Source: HORSCH


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