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HORSCH Finer LT for an all-over cutting tillage

The Finer LT is one of the new products for hybrid farming and organic farms. Its main task is the shallow cutting of weeds, volunteer crops or catch crops. The possibility to adapt the setting angle of the tines in such a way that the tines cut shallowly and parallelly to the ground is absolutely new.


The available working widths of the Finer LT range from 6 to 12 m. The 4-bar machine is available with a 3-point attachment. The tine spacing of the spring tines is 15 cm with a frame height of 550 mm. The tine section is followed by a 2-bar harrow that removes even more of the plant material from the soil.

The most special feature is the adjustable setting angle of the spring tines. It is possible to achieve a perfect, shallow cut that is parallel to the ground. The adjustability is very important for the adaption to the soil resistance and for always achieving an all-over cut. Light soils require less upward de-flexion, heavy soils considerably more.

Support wheels control the precise working depth of the Finer.

The main task of the Finer LT is the shallow cutting of weeds and grass weeds, volunteer crops or catch crops. It, thus, can be an alternative to glyphosate with regard to fighting weeds.

Despite the high stability the horsepower requirement of the machine is rather low. The 12 m version only requires a 200 hp tractor.

Source: HORSCH Maschinen GmbH