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HORSCH hoeing tool with a lot of innovations: Transformer VF

The Transformer VF is the basis of the new HORSCH hoeing tool line. In addition to a fully integrated lateral sliding frame, the compatibility with various camera systems is another asset of the machine. Moreover, the HORSCH Transformer VF is extremely variable with regard to the parallelogram-guided tools.


The Transformer VF (VF stands for VariableFrame) is available in 6 to 12 m working width. A special feature is the fully integrated lateral sliding frame. For the first time, it is integrated in the basic machine and does not work via the established and well-known intermediate coupling frames. Due to the full compatibility to the ISOBUS standard the machine can be combined with a lot of camera systems.

The 6 m and 8 m wide machines are folded in 3 sections. The versions with 9 m to 12 m working width are folded in 5 sections with a transport width of 3 m and a transport height of 4 m. The clearance below the frame amounts to a considerable 660 mm which is particularly advantageous when they are used at a later date in row crops like maize and sugar beet.

The clamping profiles for the tools are on the inside. The result is a maximum variability with regard to the arrangement of the tools at the frame. The Transformer VF can cover row spacings from 25 cm to 90 cm.

With regard to the tools the focus is on a precise working result as well as on a simple and fast adjustment. Thus, the working depth can be adjusted easily without any tools. For the tool carrier HORSCH relies on the experiences gathered from other HORSCH products and uses wide and stable parallelograms for a high durability and good work effects even on heavy and stony soils. Moreover, the units can be charged hydraulically for particularly hard soils.

The hydraulic system is also used when individual rows are lifted via section control. Covering discs for the hoeing tools are available as an option to protect for example crops in the early stage in an optimum way. An additional attachment space can be used for finger rolls or other tools that work in the row.

Source: HORSCH Maschinen GmbH